TREASON: U.S. Senate Passes Amnesty Bill in 68 to 32 Vote

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WEB Notes: We will basically repeat what we said when the Senate passed this in a test vote… The death of America draws nigh. The passage of this amnesty bill for roughly “11 million illegal immigrants” will be the death stroke of America. Make note those “11 million” will bring all of their family members aboard the nation formerly known as the United States.  

The Globalists have nearly finished conquering the greatest nation there ever was while the citizens of this country look to go out with a whimper. Amongst gun bans being implemented and proposed by the individual states. Amongst it being revealed we have been spied upon by our own government, we remain silent… The death of America draws nigh…

Vowing they’ve learned the lessons from the 1986 amnesty, the Senate on Thursday approved the biggest changes to the immigration system in a generation, promising this latest version will prevent another wave of illegal immigrants while at the same time granting a pathway to citizenship to most of the 11 million illegal immigrants already in the country.

The 68-32 vote, which saw 14 Republicans join all 54 of the chamber’s Democratic caucus members support it, is likely the high-water mark for immigrant-rights advocates, who held prayer vigils and watching parties Thursday in anticipation of good news for illegal immigrants who’ve been waiting, in some cases for years, for legal status.

“Shouldn’t we give them the same chance that we’ve given wave after wave of immigrants?” said Sen. John McCain, an Arizona Republican who has worked on this issue for years and who was one of the eight senators who wrote the bill that passed.

Mr. McCain said the staffing, infrastructure and new technology are the guarantees he needs to be certain the failures of 1986 aren’t repeated.

“I can tell you from 30 years of being on the border, this bill secures the border and anyone who says it doesn’t does not understand our security needs,” the senator said.

But immigration law enforcement agencies said the Senate’s bill falls short on security.

The unions for both immigration agents and officers who handle legal immigration benefits called the legislation an “anti-public safety bill and an anti-law enforcement bill,” saying it will actually cut down on interior enforcement, which all sides agree is critical to preventing a new wave of illegal immigration.

“It provides legalization for thousands of dangerous criminals while making it more difficult for our officers to identify public safety and national security threats,” the two unions’ presidents said in a joint statement.

Even many of the Republicans who voted for the bill said it needs changes, and said they hoped the House would rescue the legislation. – Full Read: Washington Times: Immigration bill clears Senate, faces uncertain future in House

WEB Notes: If those Republicans were so concerned they should not have voted in favor of the bill!

Open Borders

A provision in the “Gang of Eight” bill would amount to a 2.5-year-long law enforcement holiday, during which time law enforcement will be forced to suspend deportation efforts against criminal illegal aliens and allow them to apply for legalization. 

What that means is that while illegal immigrants “come out of the shadows,” as Gang of Eight members like to say, and fill out their applications for legalization or amnesty, enforcement of America’s interior immigration laws will be suspended completely. Essentially, the bill’s provisions create a few-year-long period of suspended immigration enforcement immigration while illegal aliens apply for legalization. – Full Read: Breitbart: Enforcement Holiday: Immigration Bill Allows Criminal Illegals ‘Safe Harbor’

Immigration Bill Riddled with Pork

Lobbyists for resorts, au pair agencies, and the seafood industry successfully slipped special-interest perks into the Senate immigration bill, reports USA Today. And Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) successfully fought to include in the bill a $1.5 billion taxpayer-funded set aside for youth jobs programs.

The revelations are just the latest in what is shaping up to be a pork-laden immigration bill, says Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX).

“You’re left with a bill that’s chockfull of de facto earmarks, pork-barrel spending and special interest sweeteners, a bill that increase the on-budget deficit, but fails to guarantee a border that’s secure and offers only promises, which historically Congress has been very, very, very, very bad about keeping,” said Cornyn on Wednesday. – Full Read: Breitbart: Immigration Bill Riddled with Pork

4 thoughts on “TREASON: U.S. Senate Passes Amnesty Bill in 68 to 32 Vote

  1. Don’t you just love politicians these days who are supposed to be members of the opposing party but say, “Well, it needs work, but we are going to pass it anyways.” WTF!!??? Do these assholes have the Romney/Pelosi disease or something?

    Oh that’s right, you get paid to look the other way by the corporations and don’t listen to the people anymore. I see how it is.

    It’s called looking like we don’t want, but in reality, it’s what our Zionist masters want but we are more afraid of the Zionist masters than WE the people.

    I think WE THE PEOPLE need to show these bastards that they have more to fear from us than they do of the Zionists.

    Start the hanging, while I grab the Iron Maiden for the special higher ups in charge!

    1. NC until what you say is made to happen the only thing we can count on happening is more of the same.These fools that keep preaching to us work within the system for change are to stupid to do any thing but that. And as we both can see that is not working now and never has worked.There is a storm brewing and these BASTARDS need to swing for what they have done to this country along with their Zionist counterparts!

  2. “Bernie Sanders (I-VT) successfully fought to include in the bill a $1.5 billion taxpayer-funded set aside for youth jobs programs.”

    These fools should be forbidden from adding to the original intent of the proposed law.

    This adding crap that has nothing to do with the original intent should not be allowed. This is the myriad ways they defraud the people.


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