40 Tons of GMO Sugar Beets Destroyed by Unknown Movement in Oregon

Photo: www.happy-mothering.comIntelliHub – by Cassius Methyl

In Early June, on 2 nights a few days apart, unknown people calculatedly destroyed 6500 genetically modified (GMO) sugar beet plants, toxic products of Monsanto and Sygenta, Genetically Modified not to have a higher quality or provide more yield, but simply to withstand higher doses of Monsanto’s poison “Roundup”, to benefit the company at the expense of he people.  

The beets were even being grown on land owned by Sygenta. The first night of GMO crops being destroyed was June 8th, when approximately 1000 sugar beet plants were destroyed. 3 days later, approx. 5500 plants were destroyed in nearby Sygenta owned sugar beet fields, beets doused in Monsanto’s poison “Roundup”.

Allegedly, an unknown group of individuals pulled up all of these plants by hand, or destroyed them with handheld tools, because there is no trace of machinery or heavy equipment being used.

A group called the “Oregonians For Food and Shelter” are offering a $10,000 reward to catch the culprits of this so called crime, yet many people think this is a righteous act of defiance against the chemical manufacturing giant companies, Sygenta and Monsanto.

There have been hugely popular global protests against Monsanto recently, most notably the global “March Against Monsanto”, which took place on May 25th, 2013. The reason for the protest is, Monsanto, who of course made the GMO beet seeds for the plants that were destroyed in this instance, as well as the poison Roundup, is because Monsanto has a long dirty history of crime.

Monsanto has committed many crimes over the years, including poisoning an Alabama city’s water supply with toxic PCB’s, leading to countless instances of birth defects and cancer from victims living in the city of Aniston.

Monsanto is even responsible for manufacturing “Agent Orange” to the US government, who sprayed it on Vietnamese forests during the Vietnam war, leading to the extremely severe widespread birth defects and cancer suffered by the people of Vietnam, that continues to this day. Should Monsanto and Sygenta be protested at this level? Many think so, and the companies have been banned in several countries


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Cassius Methyl is a writer for intellihub.com , a liberty activist in any way possible, and he plays every instrument and vocals for experimental metal / truth movement project core of a virus. Find his music here: www.facebook.com/coreofavirus


One thought on “40 Tons of GMO Sugar Beets Destroyed by Unknown Movement in Oregon

  1. Monsanto being introduced to Karma.
    What comes around goes around.
    People don’t want their food poisoned.
    What did Monsanto expect?


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