Trencher Alert: Mark Schumacher reported in

Update: I heard from Mark this morning.  He is doing much better.  I believe he said he was due to be released today.  He has chosen to go to a motel to finish healing.  He said the staples are to be removed Friday and predicts he will be back on the road again by the middle of next week.  So is the plight of the corporate subject. 

Another update from Mark: Tell everybody this is the only family I have, consider them everything dear to me, all my other family is dead and these are all I have.

Update: Mark just sent the following email: Don’t have anybody call or send anything Henry, love everybody to death, just don’t call or send anything because it’s too difficult to deal with all of the workings of it, just wish me the best.

Mark Schumacher just got out of surgery for a blockage in his small intestine which was caused by scar tissue from his previous surgery.

He is in room 216 at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System in Winchester, Tennessee.

Here is a picture he sent when he first contacted us from the hospital.

47 thoughts on “Trencher Alert: Mark Schumacher reported in

  1. Mark I know getting that hose down your nose was a bitch! Glad the surgery is over….as soon as you start to fart you get to eat….haha…..can ya tell I was a nurse? All teasing aside heal well brother…lots of love here for you

  2. Lookin’ good, considering you’re in a hospital bed.
    Trenchers are tough and have solid resolve, you will be as good as you think you will be – tough bastage like you will prevail.

    Perhaps avoid reading FTT for a bit else you will get angry at the dirtbags sticking it to us and tighten your gut (pain!).

    Persevere buddy.

    oh, avoid humor for awhile too, laughing might not be comfortable either. Once your on your feet you will be ready to start kickin’ ass again.

  3. Dear Father God, please, please, please be with Mark and make him well again! We Trenchers cannot do without him, or do not want to do without him. I pray this in Christ’s Holy Name, Amen.

  4. Hey, Mark…

    … you know the drill already… no killer chemo or radiation (just went through my 3rd round of lung cancer – took 3 2 lb. bags this time, but it was the cheap shatter that brought it on). When I first recommended MSM for fast healing, I was going by what the original distributors recommended as far as a daily dose, which was 2 teaspoons. The site I get mine from now (Evolution Health. com – guaranteed made in the u.S.) recommends 1 – 2 tablespoons a day (should have read the package when I first started buying it from them). I’ve been having serious pain issues with my right arm, but once I upped the MSM dosage, it’s mostly gone.

    Best of luck to you, brother. Stay strong, you can beat this.


  5. Be strong and get well soon, brother.You’ll be back to 100 and back in the fight in no time! In our thoughts and prayers meanwhile. I guess I’ll have to cancel that Philly cheesesteak delivery to ya;-)

  6. Mark, as a fellow trencher that had one-third of my large intestine hacked out back in 2003, I have an idea what you’re going through. As soon as you can get back on your feet, get out of that place before you catch one of the many deadly diseases lurking in hospitals these days! I hope you’re feeling better soon Mark! Keep on trucking!

  7. You’ll get through this Mark. Don’t give up. You have us. We’re here for you. Keep fighting and get strong enough to get out of there ASAP so you can truly heal and recuperate. XOXO

  8. Angel said it…We’re here for you! And we Trenchers need you back in your zone…we’re not done, there’s lots more to do…so quit lyin’ around, get better and go kick ass like usual! Stay tough, Mark.

  9. Stay strong for us Mark, seeing you like this bringing tears to my eyes. Please feel the love, and get better soon warrior!!!

  10. Hi you guys, lower bowl badly extended still, flat on my back, just shaved. It’s going to be awhile.

  11. Mark i wish you the very best, and praying for healing and recovery. The fish will be waiting! Stay strong

  12. Get well Mark. We are all rooting for you.
    With as much good intent as is in these comments above, you’ve got it made!

  13. Mark, I wish you the BEST.
    Small bowel obstruction is a really painful bitch.
    That’s not telling you anything you don’t already know. Duh.
    I know many people who nearly died, spent weeks in the hospital…20- 30 years ago…for the same reason.
    Adhesions from previous surgeries.
    And they’re still kicking well into their 90s.
    I can’t recall any who didn’t get well.

    I’m going to ask you to tolerate my dark humor right now.
    I don’t know you personally, and….maybe you don’t want to hear it right now…I might not either…
    Small bowel obstruction is a great weight loss plan!
    In the prophetic words of Bill Murray from “Caddy Shack”….
    “So I got that goin’ for me.”

    You will get better and I suspect we’ll all see you on the road soon.
    Again…BEST WISHES, My Friend.
    Sincerely, MSM MD

    PS I’m not in the hospital and I’m kind of lax on my shaving.

  14. Does the heart good to hear of Mark doing better. Hope he takes Nurse Mary’s advice and doesn’t rush things.

    Lovin’ brother Mark.


  15. Good to know you are doing well enough to be released, Mark. Please do not head back to work too soon….you do not need a setback. Love you!!!

  16. Hi you guys, sorry I haven’t been in touch more often, out as of 3 days ago, just got 35 staples removed from incision and recouping in truck. Not as bad as you might think, I’ve got everything I need close and handy. One of our brothers Hubert, has been helping me get to doctors and getting me food and water. Hubert has had to travel 11/2 hours each way to help me, truly a awesome man for doing so.

    This whole goddamned ordeal has been a nightmare, imaging yourself in a semi. Helpless scared and close to death. The real torture came when I finally got to the emergency room by ambulance, garden hose forced down the nose into the stomach for three days before the surgery, fkg torture. They wouldn’t let me have water, or food.

    Finally surgery, then the grueling ordeal in the recovery, godamned torture. The most uncomfortable ordeal I’ve ever been through. They reopened the same incision that they used for my colon cancer surgery in 2013, made it even longer. I had major blockage of the small intestine.

    I’ll come up on Henry’s show on Monday with the story.

    Love you all, your awesome.

    1. YOU are Awesome, Brother.
      (and THANK YOU, Hubert. Bless you! Thank you for being there and doing what we all wanted/want to do but did/do not know how to.)
      Mark, it kills me that you are alone in the truck. You need to be recovering in a warm, soft bed with good home cooking.
      Thank you for checking in and giving us an update. We’ve been so worried. Stay strong. HEAL. As diggerdan use to say, Keep the Faith. Know that you have family in the Trenches. Just tell us where you are and what we can do. You are NOT alone. <3

    2. So glad you are on the mend Mark. I will say if you had waited much longer it could have been a different outcome. Sometimes hospitals are the necessary evil. The important thing is you are with us and that is huge. Thank you Hubert! Love to you Mark

  17. Great to hear from you, Mark & look forward to hearing you on Monday. Thank you, Hubert for your kindness in taking care of Mark. God’s blessings and tender mercies be upon both of yuz. 🙂

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