Trencher Alert: No broadcast today

There will be no broadcast of The Word From the Trenches today.  We have to go get medications, come hell or high water, because I’m out.  We’ve been trying to get them for the past two weeks.  They are saying two pharmacies in Klamath Falls have shut down and the line to my pharmacy goes clear to the door, and though my cardiologist’s office has sent the order for the medications twice, they still apparently haven’t been filled. 

My cardiologist’s nurse is right now working on the problem and said she will get my medications today and I have to go straight to town as soon as she tells me this feat has been accomplished.

I don’t know what’s going on around here, but if this doesn’t give, I’m going to have to drive to Medford to the hospital in order to get what has never taken me more than ten minutes to get.  And as I mentioned, the line has been clear out the door for two weeks now.

I will try to be back up tomorrow.  Just some more f-king communist bullshit, no doubt, but it is reaching the point of being a threat to my life so I must deal with it forthwith.

Thank you for understanding.

15 thoughts on “Trencher Alert: No broadcast today

  1. Sending thoughts of support. May this all go smoothly and you have what you need very soon. Love you, Henry and Laura!!


    1. Been goin through the same bs here Henry, I’m afraid it’s only gonna get worse.It’s not bad enough that it takes forever and then they come up short. They have stopped answering the phone so we have to drive in to see if they are filled.

  2. Hope everything works out for you Henry. Those white coats had my x on twelve different meds. It took us two years to get
    her off of most of them.
    They were literally killing her.
    Have you heard of MMS and DMSO?

    1. I have heard of DMSO, but the problem is I have a prosthetic aortic valve and have been on Coumadin therapy for the past 25 years. I only take two other medications but you don’t just stop taking Coumadin.

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