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Trump Gives CIA Power To Use Drones To Bomb Suspected Terrorists

World Events and the Bible

WEB Notes: The same CIA trump was crying about that spied on him. He gave the CIA this new authority a day after he walked into office. The world is a big stage folks and we are watching a grand show. Does this new authority include the United States? We know some have called for drones strikes on Americans and we saw that take place under the obama administration as well.

On Monday, US President Donald Trump gave the CIA the green light to conduct drone strikes against suspected militants, according to the Wall Street Journal. This new authority is a shift from a policy under former President Barack Obama that limited the CIA’s ability to engage in paramilitary activity, and may very well strain relations between the agency and the Pentagon.

According to US officials, Trump gave the CIA this new authority only a day after being inaugurated, before Mike Pompeo had been confirmed as CIA director. The military will also be able to carry out missions without approval from the Pentagon and White House.

He added, “It does not mean the CIA cannot have a role in assisting in the use of force in locating targets, but that decision on whether to strike or not to strike and that order should be coming from through the military chain of command…The CIA should be a foreign intelligence gathering and analysis organization, not a paramilitary one.”

Source: Trump Gives CIA Power to Use Drones to Bomb Suspected Terrorists

World Events and the Bible

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