Trump Praises Australia’s Universal Health Care In Meeting With PM Malcolm Turnbull

World Events and the Bible

WEB Notes: Now if you republicrats heard Obama say something like this you would have jumped all over him. But hey the man in the White House has an “R” by his name so he must be okay.

Earlier in the day, Trump delayed his trip to New York and his meeting with Turnbull to await the results of a vote in the U.S. House to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Hours later, Trump told Turnbull that Australia has ““better health care” than the United States. 

“It’s going to be fantastic health care,” Trump said, referring to Thursday’s passed health care bill. “I shouldn’t say this to our great gentleman and my friend from Australia because you have better health care than we do.”

Source: Trump praises Australia health care in meeting with PM Malcolm Turnbull

World Events and the Bible

2 thoughts on “Trump Praises Australia’s Universal Health Care In Meeting With PM Malcolm Turnbull

  1. Everything eventually comes down to credibility.
    Trump has lost his credibility. Like so many past Presidents who have reversed their promises to We the People, He has been busted.
    He has exposed and proven himself to be amongst a continuous long list of betrayers and liars.
    Even though they know that we are watching and understand what’s going on, they don’t care. Why? Because they don’t realize nor believe that We the people can overthrow them. They are fools. They won’t recognize nor believe what is coming upon them.

  2. had to change emails and it said i had to write something so I did lol

    Sorry I have not been able to post very much dealing with crazy situations with my condition I am with hospice of the comforter and the ct scan has the cancer in my left breast spine between the shoulder blades and the left lung.

    I have nurapathy in my left leg and without steroids now a maintenance dose I can not lift my leg off the floor and that means i can not get into a car or my bed. So that taken care of it created a new problem extreme edema to my lower legs and feet. They are grotesque but doctor said it can not be treated proven by Lasix did not help one bit.

    I will keep you posted if you like
    Susan aka GrinNBarrett

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