Russia, Turkey, Iran Sign Deal To Set Up Syria Safe Zones

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WEB Notes: This is slight of hand. Months ago we had posts how the US was trying to setup “safe zones” in Syria. If Russia leads that then all is well, rather than the US which would cause more commotion on the world’s stage. The point is they have a deal with Syria no less to setup safe zones. These are big wins for the globalists.

Russia, Iran and Turkey on Thursday signed an agreement on setting up four safe zones in Syria that the United Nations described as a promising step to wind down the brutal six-year war. 

The United States however gave an extremely cautious welcome, citing concerns over Iran’s role as a guarantor, even as it expressed hope that the deal could set the stage for a settlement.

Several members of the rebel delegation left the room shouting in protest as the signing ceremony got underway in the Kazakh capital A

Source: Russia, Turkey, Iran sign deal to set up Syria safe zones

World Events and the Bible

One thought on “Russia, Turkey, Iran Sign Deal To Set Up Syria Safe Zones

  1. Turkey? I thought they were siding with the US and Israel. Why would they want safe zones for Syria? They want to get rid of Syria.

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