Trump Says Israel Needs to ‘Finish The Job’ in Gaza, Pledges to Restore Israel Lobby’s Power Over Congress

By Chris Menahan – Information Liberation

Former President Donald Trump told Fox News host Sean Hannity on Wednesday that Israel needs to “finish the job” in Gaza and pledged to restore the Israel Lobby’s power over Congress if elected.

He also said that unnamed people are telling him the October 7th attack “never happened” and compared them to “Holocaust deniers.”

Partial transcript via RealClearPolitics:

SEAN HANNITY, HOST: You say declining nation… so let me go back to the foreign policy… on the issue of the war in Europe and war in the Middle East and we have the Iranian’s according to reports, even the IAEA, may be very close to nuclear weapons. That should scare everybody because they are crazy enough that they would use them. And a precarious situation, more dangerous than it most point.

TRUMP: Most dangerous time in the history of our country.

HANNITY: I would agree. So my question to you is if you are elected and you are the next president, the 47th president how do you begin the process of restoring world order? Now, one other thing, I never thought in my lifetime I would listen to a president of our country, the leader the free world literally tell the country that was attacked by radical Islamic terrorists that we’ll support your defense but we won’t support you fighting back after the Iranians fired weapons into their country. To me that was a surrender in the war on terror, we’re trying to lecture Israel. “You can’t go to Rafah, you can’t do this.” Excuse me. How would we act if we lost by population extrapolated out 40,000 Americans in a day.

TRUMP: So number one, they have to finish the job. Israel has to finish that job. They have to finish it quickly, strongly, and they have to get back to life again because it’s taking too long.

HANNITY: So you go in, you win, you finish.

TRUMP: Gotta win, gotta win. The attack on October 7th, and it’s getting more and more demeaned, they’re demeaning it. I have people telling me they don’t think the attack ever happened. And take a look, you watch the news reports — you watch these people on television and just like you have Holocaust deniers also, they say the Holocaust never happened. It’s the exact same people. They’re saying it never happened. AOC plus 3, you know. Israel was the most powerful lobby in the country 15 years ago. Today, between Tlaib and AOC and all of these people, what they’re doing, Israel, they don’t the backing that they once had.

HANNITY: You’ll give it to them?

TRUMP: Yeah, I’m good. I’m good. But they don’t have the backing. Even Schumer, he’s become like a Palestinian. Chuck Schumer, Jewish, always strong for Israel. He’s become like a Palestinian.

Trump made similar comments in 2021 when he said that Israel “literally owned Congress” and lamented that their grip was supposedly slipping.

“You know, the biggest change I’ve seen in Congress is– Israel literally owned Congress, you understand that?” Trump told 570 KVI’s Ari Hoffman.

“Ten years ago, 15 years ago and it was so powerful, it was so powerful and today it’s almost the opposite,” he continued. “You have between AOC and Omar — and these people that hate Israel, they hate it with a passion — they’re controlling Congress and Israel is not a force in Congress anymore.”

“I mean it’s just amazing, I’ve never seen such a change and we’re not talking about over a very long period of time but I think you know exactly what I what I’m saying they had such power Israel had such power and rightfully over Congress and now it doesn’t,” Trump said. “It’s incredible, actually.”

Haaretz reported earlier this week that Israeli-American Miriam Adelson is planning to donate at least $100 million to Trump but wants his support for Israel annexing the West Bank in return.

Congress in April voted overwhelmingly to give almost $100 billion to Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan and ban TikTok for allowing criticism of Israel to go viral.

Congress also passed a controversial FISA law to spy on Americans to “protect Israel” as well as another controversial bill called the “Antisemitism Awareness Act” which aims to silence criticism of Israel as hate speech.

Just yesterday, AIPAC boasted that “67/67 AIPAC-endorsed Democrats have won their primary elections this cycle!”

Trump told the Republican Jewish Coalition in 2016 while running for president, “You’re not going to support me because I don’t want your money.”

“You want to control your politicians,” Trump added.

He’s now collecting tens of millions of dollars from Israel First donors by promising to shut down pro-Palestine protests and pledging to restore Israel’s total control over our Congress.

What the hell does any of this have to do with “America First?”

4 thoughts on “Trump Says Israel Needs to ‘Finish The Job’ in Gaza, Pledges to Restore Israel Lobby’s Power Over Congress

  1. Trump sure shows his true colors. Why doesn’t he just move to Israel if he loves it so much?

    And today is what they call D-Day, Battle of Normandy, code-name “Operation Overlord.” Man, I hate that word “Overlord.” It’s a false and lying word ’cause it’s actually the people who are over any lord who lusts to rule over them. We didn’t know we were fighting the jewish war, and some gave all and many lost much. And then we were delivered into the 1950’s where Leave It To Beaver’s household told us what civilization is supposed to be. And we got comfortable. Boomers are now blamed for letting things slide. Ward Cleaver’s to blame. He never told us we’d have to remain hyper-vigilant to guard our freedom. Now D-Day is just about every day, with overlords popping up everywhere. Do this, do that. Go here, go there. Eat this, not that. Think this, or better yet, don’t think.

    I want a new D-Day. ‘D,’ for Deliverance from tyranny. ‘D,’ for Defection from oppression. ‘D,’ for the DUTY each has to wipe out evil. ‘D,’ for the Diligence that must be maintained. ‘D,’ for the Dignity begging to be restored. ‘D,’ for the unstoppable Determination necessary to enforce The Bill of Rights. Make D-Day Matter.


    1. “…all of the structures and institutions around us may fall into disrepair or collapse, and the world may be forcefully locked down, but when we give in to apathy and shrug our shoulders in dejected acceptance and passive participation, we also hand over our own individuality, agency, and freedom.”
      — Charles Krblich, 6/6/24


  2. Are the Trumptards really that blind that they can’t see that if he were in office, that the Israeli war would be on steroids and thus defeating the purpose of “Making America Great Again”?

    Both Trump and Biden need to be cast into a fiery pit of Hell. Replacing one with the other makes ZERO difference. Either way, we lose!

    1. Trumptards have all swallowed the blue pill re Hamas attacking Israel as justification for wiping Palestinians out. Right & left wingers both share an extreme gullibility when it comes to falling for propaganda & overall mind control.

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