Trump says we ‘can’t let’ the situation in Ukraine continue and slams ‘paper tiger’ NATO for its inaction

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Former President Donald Trump slammed his former comrade Vladimir Putin for the growing death toll in Ukraine – calling it a ‘massive crime against humanity’ – and blasted NATO for its lack of action during a GOP donor event Saturday.

Trump spoke to Republican National Committee donors in Louisiana during the Spring Retreat in New Orleans, where he covered a wide variety of topics, including the escalating crisis in Ukraine. 

Trump also went after NATO, calling it a ‘paper tiger’ and said the US cannot just stand by while Ukraine is invaded, according to Washington Post reporter Josh Dawsey, who obtained a recording of Trump’s remarks.

‘At what point, do we cannot take this massive crime against humanity?’ Trump asked. ‘We can’t let it happen. We can’t let it continue to happen.’

Trump’s comments come as Putin’s forces have besieged Ukraine and sparked fears that NATO would be drawn into the fighting. Ukraine President Ukrainian President Volodymy Zelenzky has repeatedly begged NATO to enforce a no-fly zone over his country to help thwart Russian air superiority.

However, the US and its allies have resisted, fearing it could put NATO forces in direct conflict with Russia.

During his presidency, Trump had reportedly said multiple times that he wanted to pull the United States out of NATO, a move that aides scrambled to counter.

Speaking of the situation in Ukraine, Trump told donors that the US should put Chinese flags on America’s F-22s and then ‘bomb the s***’ out of Russia, leading to conflict between the nations while ‘we sit back and watch.’

He also shared his thoughts on North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un, saying that ‘he’s absolutely the leader of that country,’ and expressed he was impressed at how Jong Un’s  advisers were ‘sitting at attention’ when he talked and ‘cowered’ when he spoke to them.

Trump said one general stood up so fast when spoken to and joked:’ ‘I want my people to act like that.’

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9 thoughts on “Trump says we ‘can’t let’ the situation in Ukraine continue and slams ‘paper tiger’ NATO for its inaction

  1. Rattle the kosher sabre, chump. Let all your sycophants follow you to the grave. I’ll be right here for US.

  2. They all crap through the same hole .Trump you are playing your part just as you setup those people on June 6 .

  3. Funny, I don’t remember the Trumpster saying anything about the Ukrainian military’s AZOV division shelling the DPR and killing 14,000+ people when he infested the white house. Or demanding Zelenskyy keep his end of the Minsk Agreement. But now Russia is the problem?

  4. Aww….And I thought he and Putin were the best of comrades. Now he’s throwing him under the bus to make himself look good. Meanwhile, he’s probably swapping wives with him over dinner and playing chess.


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