Trump vs. Jorge Ramos on Birthright Citizenship, Wall, Deportation: “We’re Going To Start With The Gangs”

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Univision anchor Jorge Ramos took on Donald Trump at a press conference held by the Republican presidential candidate in Dubuque, Iowa on Tuesday evening. The two went head to head for five minutes over birthright citizenship, how Trump would build a wall, how he would deport illegal immigrants and more. Trump fought back against Ramos and attempted to get him to acknowledge crime committed by illegal immigrants.

Earlier, Ramos was ejected from the presser for stepping out of turn.  

Trump vs. Ramos on birthright citizenship

DONALD TRUMP: Well, a lot of people think — no, no, excuse me. a lot of people, no, no, but a lot of people think that’s not right, that an act of congress can do it. but it’s possibly going to have to be tested in courts. but

A lot of people think that if you come and you’re on the other side of the border — I’m not talking about Mexicans. Somebody on the other side of the border. A woman is getting ready to have a baby, she crosses the border for one day, has the baby, all of a sudden for the next 80 years, hopefully longer, but for the next 80 years we have to take care of the people.

Excuse me, some of the greatest legal scholars — and I know some of the television scholars agree with you, but some of the great legal scholars agree that that’s not true. That if you come across — excuse me, just one second.


No, I am answering. If you come across for one day and you have a baby, now the baby is going to be an American citizen. There are great — excuse me. There are great legal scholars, the top, that say that’s absolutely wrong. It’s going to be tested. Okay?

Ramos asked Trump how he would erect a 1900-mile long border

TRUMP: Very easy. I’m a builder. That’s easy. I build buildings that are 94 —


TRUMP: Can I tell you what’s more complicated? What’s more complicated is building a building that’s 95 stories tall.

Trump battles Ramos on deportation

TRUMP: The one thing we’re going to start with immediately are the gangs, and the real bad up ones. And you do agree there are some bad ones. Do you agree or do you think everyone is just perfect? No. I asked you a question. Do you agree with that? We have tremendous crime, we have tremendous problems — I can’t deal with this.

Listen, we have tremendous crime, we have tremendously, we have some very bad ones and I you would agree with that, right? There’s a lot of bad ones. Real bad ones. Excuse me. They looked at some of the gangs in Baltimore, they looked at some of the gangs in Chicago, they looked even in Ferguson. They got some rough, illegal immigrants in those gangs.

They’re getting out. You mind if i send them out? Now, if they come from Mexico, do you mind if I send them back to Mexico. No, no, do you mind if I send them back to Mexico? Okay. Those people are out. They’ll be out so fast your head will spin.

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