Trump: “We’ll Go for 6!” Honors Holocaust Survivors for Hanukkah

Published on Dec 6, 2018

“(6 Dec 2018) President Donald Trump celebrated Hanukkah in the company of eight Holocaust survivors, saying they’ve endured “evil beyond description.” The audience erupted into chants of “four more years” when Trump mentioned the US embassy move to Jerusalem.” Link to original video:…

7 thoughts on “Trump: “We’ll Go for 6!” Honors Holocaust Survivors for Hanukkah

  1. logic would dictate that those who have experienced “evil beyond description” would be at the forefront of calling out the evil that permeates all corners of the world to this day…. but all we hear is about the perpetual victimization of the jew

    1. Nope! Just look at Yahoo’s website. Apparently, we don’t celebrate Christmas in this country anymore. Instead of a Santa or a tree, they have the infamous Jewish candles on there.

      That says it all! The Jews are in full control now. Like the British were to the Indians in India, so the Jews are to us in America. So sad.

      So what are we going to do about it? Oh probably nothing. The Superbowl’s in another month or so. That’s more important, right?

  2. Gee…Why stop there, Donnie? Add two more 6s to it and you’ll be officially sold to the Devil himself.

    Can’t believe we have a Jewish puppet president.

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