Trump will kick off his California campaign from Silicon Valley

Recode – by Dawn Chmielewski

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump plans to kick off his California primary campaign in Burlingame on Friday, using the California Republican Convention as the launching pad.

Silicon Valley may seem an unlikely springboard for the blunt-spoken billionaire, whose policies on immigration have attracted criticism from some of the technology industry’s most prominent figures. Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg took the unprecedented step of using his F8 developers conference keynote to denounce a central part of Trump’s stump speeches — building a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico.  

The Trump campaign counters that the Bay Area, as the economic driver of California, is precisely the right place for the real estate mogul to play the capitalist card.

“This guy knows how the free market system works and works well,” said veteran GOP strategist Tim Clark, who was recently hired to direct Trump’s California effort.

Clark said Trump will emphasize his credentials as a businessman and outline his views on trade and plans for economic growth — “That’s all the world to Silicon Valley.”

The Trump campaign claims it has won over some “major” tech players, but it isn’t ready yet to name names. The candidate’s opponents in the region are easy to identify.

One prominent tech figure now living in Hawaii, eBay founder Pierre Omidyar, donated $100,000 to the Never Means Never PAC — a group working to deny Trump the Republican presidential nomination. A spokesperson said Omidyar wanted to support the group that’s opposing demagoguery and dangerous rhetoric.

Meanwhile, Trump opponents are organizing a protest outside the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport, the site of the state GOP convention. More than 2,000 people indicated on Facebook that they plan to attend.


7 thoughts on “Trump will kick off his California campaign from Silicon Valley

  1. “This guy knows how the free market system works and works well,”

    In other words, he knows how to screw the competition.

    “Meanwhile, Trump opponents are organizing a protest…”

    THOSE always work.

  2. So is this where Trump will be bought with all the big money, then be beholden to their will?

    If this isn’t obvious that not any of the candidates will represent the people, I’m not sure what is.

    Money, money, money.

  3. HP-Enterprise just fired a whole bunch of engineers in California and is sending their jobs and their equipment to “Bung Galore” India.

    Trumps Kosher Mafia business associates want things like this to happen. Mark my words. Trump will do NOTHING about the 110,000,000 million illegal alien Mexicans running around our country taking our jobs, assaulting and murdering our people, and making slums out of our cities an towns.

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