Truth of US-Russia Confrontation?

US Russia NavyAl-Manar News – by Daoud Rammal – As-Safir, Sept. 12, 2013

Aggression was over the Moment those Two Missiles were Fired

A well informed diplomatic source told As-Safir newspaper that “the US war on Syria had started and ended the moment those two ballistic missiles were fired, leaving inconsistent information, as Israel denied and Russia confirmed, until an Israeli statement was issued indicating they were fired in the context of an Israeli-US joint drill and fell in the sea, and that they were not related to the Syrian crisis.”  

The source further told the Lebanese daily that “the US forces fired these two rockets from a NATO base in Spain, and were instantly detected by the Russian radars and confronted by the Russian defense systems, so one of them exploded in the airspace and the second one diverted towards the sea.”

In this context, the source pointed out that “the statement issued by the Russian Defense Ministry, which stated the detection of two ballistic missiles fired towards the Middle East, intended to neglect two points: the first was the location from which the two rockets were fired, and the second was their downing. Why? Because the moment the full military operation was launched, Head of the Russian Intelligence Service contacted the US intelligence and informed it that “hitting Damascus means hitting Moscow, and we have removed the term “downed the two missiles” from the statement to preserve the bilateral relations and to avoid escalation. Therefore, you must immediately reconsider your policies, approaches and intentions on the Syrian crisis, as you must be certain that you cannot eliminate our presence in the Mediterranean.”

“This unannounced direct confrontation between Moscow and Washington increased the Obama Administration’s confusion and certainty that the Russian side was ready to move until the end with the Syrian cause, and that the US did not have a way out of its impasse except through a Russian initiative which would save America’s face…” he added.

From this point, the diplomatic source clarified that “in order to avoid further US confusion, and after Israel denied knowing anything about the rocket firing in its first statement, which is the truth, Washington demanded Tel Aviv to adopt the rocket firing to save its face in front of the International Community, especially since these two rockets were the beginning of the US aggression on Syria and the announcement of the beginning of military operations, after which US President Barack Obama was supposed to go to the G20 Summit in Russia to negotiate the destiny of Syrian President Bashr Al-Assad. However, he went to find a way out of the impasse he’s in.”

The source further indicated that “after the US-Russia rocket confrontation, Moscow intended to increase its number of military experts in Russia, and added to its military units and destroyers to enhance its military presence in the Mediterranean. It also set a time for announcing about its initiative on stopping the aggression on Syria after the G20 Summit, after drawing a side scene on the sidelines of the summit which was followed by two successive visits for Iranian Foreign Minister, Hussein Amir Abdul Lahyan, and Syrian Foreign Minister, Walid Al-Moallem, in which a way out was agreed on with the Russian side, and it included a Syrian announcement on approving the Russian initiative regarding putting Syrian chemical weapons under international supervision and preparing Syria for joining the non-proliferation treaty.

Finally, the source pointed out that “One of the first results of the US-Russian military confrontation was the British House of Commons’ rejection to participate in a war on Syria. This was followed by European stances, most significantly, the German stance announced by Chancellor Angela Merkel.”


Translated by Sara Taha Moughnieh

10 thoughts on “Truth of US-Russia Confrontation?

  1. Our country’s direction has become so twisted that it’s actually good news to hear of a foreign country being able to thwart our attacks.

  2. An interesting and quite plausible suggestion here and the ramifications behind this if true are quite telling and perhaps there is more to it as well.

    It does show that America, a persistent bully is always willing to fight in a situation where the playing field is levelled its way considerably, if the Russian’s shot those missiles down, that would have been a real eye opener indeed for the US as they believe their systems are the best in the world and unassailable.

    Times are a-troubling

    1. this gov of the US Simply! Stinks!
      It is so embarrassing and the joint chiefs of staff, the white house so incompetent….AND…the Congress so out to lunch…..
      No wonder they know not how to get along in this world….
      I am ashamed of the complete package….
      I had the same view in the 1960’s….as a beginning college student..
      Having been drafted into the us Army, Sent to Nam
      that whole experience corroborated my college days judgement as haven been correct…..
      Since then, there is not a damn thing changed except…millions murdered by the US Gov….
      You’d think that some day grownups would come into power and tell the handlers………get lost for good.
      Start by throwing out the Zionists ….and meaning it!
      Nam Vet 1969…incountry…

  3. I’m looking for some confirmation of this?

    I got the link from a friend and don’t really know what to make of it.

    Please help, this could be real significant.


  4. Israel fired those two missiles, trying to start a shooting war between Syria and the US warships in the region.

    To cover up that state of Hate’s crime, Zionist lackeys are now spinning the story to make it appear the USA launched the missiles.

    1. either way
      my statement on the US….gov and military stands
      I have written many times on this site my understanding of Israel

      That place has to be shut down, one way or the other
      and all Nuclear weapons, gas, biological and so forth
      removed from the what ever it is they call themselves, state !!!
      Fact I get more pissed each time I think of the nearly, going on 50 years soon, is in fact this fall, since I started college, finished and was then drafted into the Army……….
      And this Israel….has done nothing but destroy any sense, the world powers might have come to, of living peacefully…getting along….and actually put hands together, minds together for the betterment of our entire earth……… we can just grab the next one going by if we destroy this one………
      Just go over to that country(israel) and say….this is the way it is and do it…………get rid of their evil arms…….
      that bunch….doesn’t have the value of one bomb the size to rid them, although I am non violent…and think thats not right either…
      So just go take their armament threats and destroy them….don’t remove them….destroy them in public for all to see…
      God I am pissed…..the only way to really get rid of evil is to make a change….

      1. I agree all the way with ya rbeason. Don`t forget about England and that evil queen over there. With all of the attention being paid on that Isreal and Syria, I think that people are forgetting about England and some of those others.

        1. if one reads of the English Crown
          one gets equally angry as over the Zionists…maybe worse……
          that woman is the largest single land owner in the world…even owning more than any single gov does……’d they get it?
          Just took it…… most cases the land belonged to other people and England conquered it for themselves…
          That’s called theft….
          Notice too, how all this bullshit in the press of royals…kids…and all…
          I have turned off my tv…for the last 6 weeks then only selectively watched.Prior..and I haven’t missed for one day………the stinking misused technology….it has the potential for so much good…yet, what follows????its junk thats what…
          I haven’t missed it….at all!

  5. I got frustrated last night and was thinking how this planet needs a big emp cleaning.

    Sure we would all be unable to download miley cyres videos or dry our hair. Perhaps we would be left with no ability to pump water or commute via car but we would also become instantly free of the media and government.

    The birds would still chirp and the wind would still blow. The rain would still fall and the plants would still grow but no self proclaimed authorities would be able to wage global war. There web of deceit, lies, oppression, and mind control would be snuffed like a candle.

    But that is just how I feel and does not mean it is right.

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