U.S. Attorney General Slams Boy Scouts Over Gay Scoutmaster Ban

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WEB Notes: Once again government forcing its will on the public. This perversion is becoming the norm and once it becomes more establish the next step will be pedophilia. Those who have a interest in young children will use homosexual marriage as their example. We posted on this in the past, how some groups are already calling for this. Here are some articles on that topic: “Pedophiles Want Same Rights as Homosexuals, Support Group Seeks ‘Truth and Dignity’“, “American Psychiatric Association Reclassifies Pedophilia, Backtracks” and “Army acknowledges pedophilia part of Islam“.

(Source: NBC) – Attorney General Eric Holder said Tuesday that the refusal by the Boy Scouts of America to allow gay adults to be scout leaders “perpetuates the worst kind of stereotypes.”

In remarks for delivery to a gay rights organization, Lambda Legal, Holder said with the repeal of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, “courageous lesbian, gay, and bisexual individuals routinely put their lives on the line” in the armed services.

“If these men and women are fit for military service, then surely they are fit to mentor, to teach, and to serve as role models for the leaders of future generations.” – Read More – NBC: U.S. Attorney General Slams Boy Scouts Over Gay Scoutmaster Ban 


7 thoughts on “U.S. Attorney General Slams Boy Scouts Over Gay Scoutmaster Ban

  1. Well Paul, they are not only streaming out of the closet, they are demanding that we all just “learn to live with it.” We are being “force fed” the homosexual agenda and we get to meet such wonderful examples of our species, the transgendered folk who want us to just “understand”. TV shows aren’t “trendy” if they don’t, at least, have a “closet queer” with homosexual mannerisms. Yes Paul, as Jim Morrison put it, “People are Strange”

  2. “People are Strange” aw yea you can say that again. Demon possessed would be a good description too.

    1. I have watched enough of this “theater”. It’s like George Carlin said, “anything to divide us, keep us fighting amongst ourselves, while they walk off with all the money.”

  3. i find it hard to understand how these “people” manage to still be here after so many generations when they dont understand where to “put it”.

    do they use artificial insemination, or do they clone each other?

    technically, natural selection should have de-selected them a long time ago!

  4. I think Eric should receive an object lesson in this area, maybe be bathed, perfumed, and buttered up good and then thrown into prison in the pervert section.

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