U.S.-NATO Move Armored Vehicles Into Baltics

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Persistent presence land forces assurance exercises are the first in a series of expanded U.S. land force training activities in Poland and the Baltic region taking place for the next few months and beyond. The exercises, conducted by U.S. Army Europe Soldiers and host nation forces, are a demonstration of U.S. commitment to NATO and to our collective defense responsibilities through increased ground, air, and naval force presence.  

The intent of the supplementary exercises is to reassure NATO allies that the U.S. commitment to meeting our nation’s Article 5 obligations is unwavering. Accordingly, U.S. Army Europe has deployed a company-sized contingent of U.S. paratroopers from the 173rd Airborne Brigade, to Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia, roughly 600 Soldiers in all, to conduct the expanded land force training. This action comes at the request of the host nation governments.


One thought on “U.S.-NATO Move Armored Vehicles Into Baltics

  1. Of couse they are going to beg for weapons for FREE!!!!!! Who pays for THEIR defense? You! ME!!!

    Russia is not going to attack anyone. They are still recovering from 70 plus years of being mass murdered, starved, raped pillaged and burned by the JEWISH MAFIA. You know? COMMUNISTS!!!

    Russians are buying an awfule lot of Fords and Chevys. They want to be what America used to be. They are looking at what is happening to our country in horror and sorrow. That I can asure you all. they are also a bit frighted of that half Jew/ Half Jig that is ruling USA right now. They are treading softly trying not to step on a land mine because they know also what can happen.

    On the other hand if you take a look at the population densities of Russia west of the Urals you will see lots of wide open spaces, like the mid-west US. East of the Urals there are some sizable cities, but the population density is even less. Much less! In a nuclear exchange with Russia US would be obliterated. Russia? They’d get their hair singed, but that is a country with 11 time zones and a population density less than Wyoming for Goodness Sakes! Good luck trying to destroy that population. Can’t be done. Next –> The warheads they developed could take out a good chunck of a western state. and they have thousands of them that are updated and smaller now. They developed these things during the Soviet erra originally to compensate for lack of guidance system accuracy. They don’t have that problem anymore, but they still have the high yeald nukes.

    My take on the Russians and their government is that they don’t want a fight. They want to continue living in their new Russia. Putin is more of a christen Czar than a president, but has done some good for Russia. He pushed the Quires aside and did a number on the Jewish gangsters. Not all but many.

    Another problem and this is a big one Russia has is not the universally armed population that USA has. That is the biggest problem I have with Putin and much of their congress. Every dam year some good Russian Congressmen introduce bills to abolish their rotten gun laws. It doesn’t pass every dam year, and Putin refuses to sign it in to law even if it did. they are afraid of the population. Given the corruption in government they would be right to be afraid. All those drunken men with guns. Wow. On the other hand their wives and girlfriends might just be able to make them finally act like responsible adults. For a change. Then they might sober up enough to be able to defend their country from attack. Best defence at this point for Russia is to repeal ALL their gun laws and start issuing Kalashnikovs to every able bodied man. Pistols to all the ladies right out of high school. In fact that is what I’d make sure they get a bran new Markorov pistiol with their diploma and 500 rounds of ammo, and a card for the local range for practice. An allocation would be given to the ladies to practice with in the way of ammo. Men? They would be on their own beyond their initial AK issue which they take home and keep it their. Selling it would be a jail offence. They can pass it on to their children. It would boost their arms industry and my sure that any country or group of countries would attack Russia they would be up to their neck in blood. Their own.

    I would predict that their crime problem would evaporate to almost nothing, as the criminal oligarchs and street criminals, and ILLEGAL aliens would be running for their lives. They have much the same problems as we do. All caused by heavy handed government on our necks.

    The Baltic state thing is just a way for the Military/government/Industrial complex to get stinking rich, while at the same time possible getting rid of a lot of Americans. Russians are just as tough as the Germans were in WW2. They aught to be. They are BROTHERS!!!! Not a good idea to pick a fight with people like that. They’ll hurt you. Badly.

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