U.S. Troops In S. Korea First To Receive Mass Experimental COVID Vaccination

Health Impact News – by Brian Shilhavy

U.S. troops in South Korea, along with civilian healthcare workers, started being injected with the experimental Moderna COVID vaccine today.

USFK.mil reports:

United States Forces Korea started inoculating military and civilian healthcare workers, first responders and the USFK command team with the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine today across three USFK medical treatment facilities.

The three locations administering the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine are the Brian D. Allgood Army Community Hospital at United States Army Garrison – Humphreys, 51st Medical Group at Osan Air Base and 8th Medical Group at Kunsan Air Base.

USFK was previously identified as one of four overseas locations to receive the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine through the Department of Defense’s deliberate and phased distribution plan. (Source.)

As is the case among the general population currently, the vaccine is voluntary, since it is not FDA approved.

USFK Commander General Robert Abrams, however, is reportedly pushing the troops to get it. ZeroHedge.com reports:

“I want you to make an informed decision for you and your family regarding the vaccine,” USFK Commander Robert Abrams said in a statement.

Gen. Abrams was earlier photographed personally receiving the vaccine in order to encourage all personnel to follow. Moderna is reportedly being administered at four US locations abroad based on FDA emergency authorization issued a week-and-a-half ago.

I am happy to see the military, at least so far, making this experimental vaccine voluntary, because it has not always been that way in the past. It might take a lot of courage to stand up to a General or other Commanding Officer who is pushing everyone to get the vaccine, but this is your life at risk, for an experimental vaccine that is not even needed, and was authorized for emergency use by the FDA illegally.

During the Gulf War, for example, troops were required to get the experimental anthrax vaccine which has not been approved by the FDA. Those who tried to opt out were not allowed to.

When injuries and deaths starting occurring after vaccination, it was blamed as a mysterious “Gulf War Syndrome.”

So if you are in the military and are being pressured to take an experimental COVID vaccine, learn from history.

Here is the testimony of a whistleblower who is a former medic and saw first hand how the experimental anthrax vaccine was harming people and tried to report it to her superiors only to get shut down.

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2 thoughts on “U.S. Troops In S. Korea First To Receive Mass Experimental COVID Vaccination

  1. “So if you are in the military and are being pressured to take an experimental COVID vaccine, learn from history.”

    Yes….specifically the history of the Spanish Flu, which had nothing to do with Spain, but began with military vaccinations in the USA.

    They might be giving the soldiers something really deadly to spread around because the covid-19 fear mongering is largely discredited. Once the real numbers were published everyone knew it was a hoax, and the tyrants lost all their fear-induced power. They may actually begin spreading something far deadlier to get the population back into line…. they really liked the ability to put entire nations under “house arrest”, and they probably don’t want to give that up because every nation’s economy is collapsing, and the pandemic nonsense is a good way to keep people from organizing, and rioting.

    They want you to quietly starve to death in your home while the TV insists that the economy is “booming”.

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