Understanding Our Slavery – How Organized Crime Runs Government and Media

Published on May 24, 2019

Topics include: The Most Dangerous Superstition, organised crime runs the government, understanding our slavery, indoctrination using the flag, singing the anthem, television programming, symbols of political power, the state as a religion, toxins in the food supply, origins of the pledge of allegiance, treatment of native Americans, the banking system, media ownership, controlling language, the meme wars, control of perception, money theft on an epic scale, social media censorship, the chink in their armor, The Freestate project and The Prestate Project

7 thoughts on “Understanding Our Slavery – How Organized Crime Runs Government and Media

        1. And you come through in spades. I waded through this vid. Some powerful points, but… No mention of Jewish power. Gatekeeper validation of David Icke and (drum-roll please) Tulsi Gabbard!! But worst of all………………………….NO MENTION OF THE BILL OF RIGHTS!! Anarchy glorified. Common Law be damned. I did, however, stay much calmer than I did with Mike Adams. Ha!

          I will give more time to your very packed page soon. One can only deal with so much insanity in one day, and today has been a whopper.

          Best to you, Hal, fighter for freedom


  1. Organized crime is controlled by the jewish mafia and always was. It was formed by Arnold Rothstein , who recruited Italian henchmen but was the idea and finance man. After he was killed other jews took over and control the drug trade, gambling, and politicians. Organized crime is now legalized usury, etc for financial syndicates and this video is insipidly ignorant or just plain lies.

  2. yes I watched the whole video….. the guy figures about a million dollars to drop one hundred thousand packets of which include his book and the film vaxxed…did I get that correct?……give me fifty thousand dollars and I can provide one hundred thousand CDs of Henry’s awesome explanation of the Bill of Rights / Common Law AND have enough left over to donate to FTTWR….

    ….by the way wasn’t this host also known as “The Dollar Vigilante”?

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