12 thoughts on “Unintentional debate humor…

  1. Yeah, I watched the whole presidential debate. How anyone can still believe is beyond me.

    Him, way to easy on her heinous crimes and thefts. Her, superficial and lying. Him, not defending our Constitutional rights. Her, the more severe war-monger of the two.

    I just wondered how the people of Syria were feeling as the debate put the economy front and center while they were being bombed to bits. How they heard the words (I paraphrase), “Take them down and get the oil.” Imperial arrogance not even trying to hide.

    Bibi must be delighted that about 100 million of us showed up (most, but not all) to validate the control machine.

    Only integrity can lift things up and in the political arena it is the hardest thing to come by. The candidates avoided everything that can make life work here on earth. Integrity combined with organic farming – hope worth reaching for.

    I gave both candidates middle names: Hillary ‘Lying’ Clinton, and Donald ‘Stop and Frisk’ Trump. I believe in neither.

    1. Yep. I was disappointed….Hitlery didn’t fall down or pass out at all.
      And then there was Trump declaring the Bill of Rights null and void.
      The debate was nothing more than two criminals arguing about who’s version of criminality was better.

  2. She was so drugged up OR she was tipsy. I follow her body language since the first two, and her movements are deliberate, her actions/comments etc. the moment she did the shimmer dance is hysterical, it is so NOT like her, so which Killary showed up? 🙂 I post news on a blog all day so i apologize if FTT had it first, i post a lot from here.


  3. Would any of the debates really change anyone”s mind?
    Does ones vote even really matter when both candidates have the blessing of the rest of the Nobility class?

    1. I can answer both questions.

      Yes, ‘debates’ really can change the minds of the sheeple, which, like words, are infinitely malleable.

      Secondly, (voting being an absolute fraud/scam) ‘blessings’ coming from any quarter are immaterial to the actual (s)election.

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