19 thoughts on “Up, over, and in.

    1. Yes, Koyote……. and you wouldn’t even have to kill many of them before the rest are fleeing back to Honduras.

      This could be stopped in a minute, but when you have a “government” that pays poor people to jump the border, you have to expect this.

      I hope all you moronic Trump supporters who were too dumb to see this coming are hiding your faces in shame for facilitating the destruction of this country.

      Guess what, you stupid bastards?? In 2020 another candidate will promise to stop the invasion and even more of them will be here.



      …….is the ONLY thing that’s going to stop ANY invading army.

      1. They really are to moronic to hide their faces in shame or they don’t comprehend the magnitude of this invasion.


      3. “This could be stopped in a minute, but when you have a “government” that pays poor people to jump the border, you have to expect this.”

        right , shooting the people jumping the fence isnt the answer ,this could be you and I in another 10 years of this shit going on in this country ..those who needs to be seeing the dark hole of a .44 mag is the politicians and state heads allowing this to even take place

        aiming at these people will not solve this .. hanging a few of the talking heads and politicos that are enabling this , now yer getting somewhere
        remember folks… , this is all about the divide and conquer aspect of the NWO agenda .. dont play their game .. go after the enablers , and the game shuts its self down

        we need to be united against the establishment

        1. You’re right, Enemy, but I think some proactive steps need to be taken to protect our border, too.

          The establishment started this invasion, but it’s not going to stop after they’re gone.

        2. EOTS, you make an important point. Going to the source. We will forever be putting out fires if we don’t attend to they who are holding the matches. And I like that you pose the possibility of we, ourselves, in a similar position in a few years. It puts things more in perspective in terms of the real enemy that ALL humankind is facing. Thank you.


          1. Tell you guys what. Those little foreign bastards pouring over our border are coming to take what belongs to us. They know it all belongs to us. They have been told that a force is in place that will allow them to take what is ours without consequence of danger.
            Not only no, but hell no, every f#@king one of them is the enemy. A foreign enemy carrying a foreign flag.

          2. we have to be careful who we name and act upon as the enemy

            the Enemy is not a civilization ,or just a people its a government entity , killing those people will only do 1 thing

            give more cause to their plight , and paint those that do, as the bad.

            the focus needs to be on the enablers, they are the ones that need to be put under hard scrutiny , and public pressure , and shown that they are the enemy to the people … all people , even to these people this government is an enemy

            we are being played by our emotions , and by brainwashing to fight among ourselves ,, because the establishment wants us to fight each other , so we cant fight them

            If we ever acquire UNITY in this country ,, these goons running the show now, will be cooked

            I’d like to see it happen , just to prove if Im wrong or if Im right

            because I know Im right

          3. To fail to resist is to enable. They are carrying their foreign flags and shoving them in our faces. They know what they are doing and would cut our throats immediately if they thought they could get away with it. They have been brought in here to do what we Americans will not do to one another and that is to put a bullet in our heads and kick us into the ditch.
            Or am I missing something here, as there are already numerous incidents of our children being hacked to pieces. These mother f#@kers are called the communist masses and they need to be put down hard.

  1. Mexico has a great southern wall to keep out these hordes of people. The story not told is that the Mexican government let these people past their southern wall to invade America.

  2. Where’s the NAPALM when you need it!? Just FRY THEM ALL and just BE DONE WITH THEM! They’d probably also serve a “PORPOISE” to becoming Fish Food and /or Fertilizer!

  3. the truth is .. if the government didnt really want them In .. they wouldn’t be getting in , we all know that if the PAB dont want something , it dont happen

    so it clearly tells me , this isn’t a people problem , its government problem

    their government , and ours , are allowing this to happen for an agenda … so taking it out on a human population isnt going to change this .. taking it out on our government if played right .. will

    these are games of war .. pitting people against each other for an outcome that only this government will benefit from , not we the people

    1. If an army of Canooks come across our northern border as troops and start killing our people and taking our shit, I guess that is not a people problem either. Do you think for a second that if the governments of the 60 to 100 million illegals in this country told them to return home, they would? I’m here to tell you they wouldn’t. We are invaded and the invaders are intent on making our country their country. We will have to drive them out forcibly and they will be shooting at us as we do so. F#@k every one of them and they know exactly what they are doing.

      1. Yes you are correct , they know what they are doing.. because Soros Inc. is driving this , so they are well programmed as what to do, and what to say

        its a well funded attack on our soil , I guess what I’m trying to say is we need to cut the head of the beast off , not its legs

        If the Soros team was eliminated .. this bullshit would be too

  4. Yeah, they are soldiers of the enemy and must be met head-on. But by whom? No one is rushing down there. Most are far away. So I resort to the usual method of exposing those who are orchestrating this, who are stealing, corrupting, overtaking, and I keep spreading the word on what Soros and company are doing to us and have planned for us. I want to be effective, I think everyone here does. I’m sure it’s easy to sense my frustration.



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