‘US may be preparing for attack on Syria’

Published on Apr 19, 2013 by PressTVGlobalNews

A political commentator tells Press TV that the recent wave of events in the United States might be a sign that Washington is preparing for an attack on Syria.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has refused to rule out the possibility of arming foreign-backed militant groups in Syria. Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations Bashar al-Ja’afari has said that the Israeli regime assists the militants. Tel Aviv’s key allies, the United States and Jordan, are already assisting the militants. An Israeli expert identified as Moshe Maoz has said that it would make sense for Tel Aviv to supply the militants with arms in coordination with Turkey.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Webster Griffin Tarpley, an author and historian from Washington, to further talk over the issue of the crisis in Syria.

7 thoughts on “‘US may be preparing for attack on Syria’

  1. Webster Tarpley = Controlled Opposition. See the post above entitled “Controlled Opposition – How to spot a fake leader”. He’s on the list.

    . . .

    1. Hi Cathleen.


      Tarpley is located in a Washington DC Think-Tank.

      ALL Washington DC Think-Tanks are for the sole purpose of undermining, infiltrating , or detracting from the destruction of this country.

      Tarpley just happens to mix in a bit more truth than the rest, and at times, even seems to be exposing the very networks that would like to remain in the shadows.

      I have often felt he is playing the role of dual agenda, that of his paymasters, and that of his own sense of patriotism, or what little of it is left.

      JD – US Marines – This country is rife with Alex Jones types, Webster Tarpley types,.. and of course,.. the out and out communists such as Ocrapo, Pelosi, Reid and pretty much the rest of congress.

      1. Hi JD,

        So true! And over the years, I finally figured out who was really running the world just by following who is supporting who in the Jesuit-owned media, or by who is NOT talking about the Jesuits in the media … or who have been asked not to anyway.

        I listened to a show this morning about how the Jesuits have been in power for 400+ years beginning from the the time of the pyramids, down through the Knights Templar and now to what we have today. They own our media and so much more … unfortunately.

        . . .

  2. Folks,
    War with Syria is a given. The true question is “when”. This could happen at any time now, and it is my opinion that it will be within a week or so. I have no proof of when it will break out, I just know that “they” have to change what the American people are focusing on at the present time….and change it FAST.

    This war will not be confined to just Syria. Also, once this war with Syria DOES break out, expect to see Iran “pulled” into it, almost immediately. Bombs, by the thousands, will fall (from ALL sides) and kill many thousands of innocent people, perhaps millions of innocent people.

    “Terrorist Activity” will also break out, full scale, in America when this war begins. There WILL be a nuke strike on American soil (possibly several nuclear devices detonated, in several different cities, on the same day), and Martial Law will be the norm.

    Yes sir, times are getting very, very interesting !! So stock up on popcorn…the “movie” is about to start.

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