Boston manhunt: Search continues as residents remain on lockdown

Police officers search homes for the Boston Marathon bombing suspects in Watertown, Massachusetts April 19, 2013. (Reuters / Jessica Rinaldi)RT News

Massachusetts police are hunting for 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who they say was the second suspect in Monday’s Boston Marathon bombing. Tsarnaev’s older brother, Tamerlan, was killed in a shootout with police. The two suspects are of Chechen descent.

Boston police have ordered residents to remain at home, as officers search for Tsarnaev.  

Earlier Friday, law enforcement cordoned off a two-block area in Watertown, Massachusetts – site of the deadly shootout between the suspects and police. Massachusetts state police said in a statement that “60-70% of Watertown has been covered, but the suspect has not been apprehended.”

Nearby resident Firaz Gliel described the situation to RT.

“We were woken up at 3am by a reverse 911 call. The police told all the residents to stay put and not leave the house. Looking out of our window we saw masses of SWAT teams and police agents scouring all the backyards, bushes and streets.  There are helicopters. The police seem to have isolated one particular area. The police were looking and talking to the suspect through a megaphone – this is where we are right now,”Gliel said.


SWAT team members search for one remaining suspect at a residential building on April 19, 2013 in Watertown, Massachusetts. (AFP Photo / Mario Tama)

SWAT team members search for one remaining suspect at a residential building on April 19, 2013 in Watertown, Massachusetts. (AFP Photo / Mario Tama)

“Everybody is tense. No one can leave their house, all the businesses around here are closed. And we had a bomb threat yesterday, and then the marathon explosion before, so everyone is jittery. Everyone is in shock that something like this could happen in a relatively safe place, but the community has pulled together. People are helping each other out. So, there are both positives and negatives to what is going on right now,” Gliel said.

The firefight, which involved explosives, ensued after an MIT police officer was shot and killed on Friday morning, and fellow officers followed the lead of an apparent carjacking.

The killed suspect, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was wounded during the gun exchange with the police and was apprehended, police said. He later succumbed to the injuries.

The suspect remaining at large is the FBI’s Suspect 2 in the Boston Marathon bombing, the so-called ‘white hat suspect’. Police called the man a terrorist, who is armed and dangerous.

A 20-block perimeter was established as the manhunt for the second suspect continues.

5 thoughts on “Boston manhunt: Search continues as residents remain on lockdown

  1. For those who need: Take notes of what is happening in the Boston area. You are seeing a tactic of how initial stages of Martial Law will be enacted. This same tactic has been used numerous times in small towns under the guise of “escaped prisoner”. Others have used “HAZMAT” spills on roads, highways & railroad right-a-ways. FOX News reporters on scene are reporting, just now, that cell phone messages are being texted to all cell phones (including those of visitors) for people to “shelter in-place”.

    The FOX Business channel reported that Constitutional Rights are suspended during such manhunts; not only those of the suspects, but those of all property owners. Supposedly comes under the “Expedient Public Safety” clause….I’m still searching for that line in the Constitution.

    Take care & be safe for those who deserve it. Respects, BentSpear….BT

  2. Were the “bomb drill” organizers hiring civilians to participate in the drill?

    Our patsey perps are not Chechen. They moved to Chechnya in 2002 from the Kurdish region of Iraq.

    A year or so later, under special DoS waver, for some unexplained reason, they were granted entry into the US.

    MEK was recently pulled off the list of DoS terror organizations.
    It was here that the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) conducted training, beginning in 2005, for members of the Mujahideen-e-Khalq, a dissident Iranian opposition group known in the West as the M.E.K
    MEK is an Israeli fostered organization of Kurds that ran hit squads in central and southern Iraq and Iran!

    Strange there were no masked vendetta killings or car bombs in the northern Kurdish region of Iraq. (who would wear a mask to do a “vendetta” anyway(?) – thought the rut that empowered a vendetta was so the target would know who was getting even)

    One of the two patsy perps has all ready been eliminated from the prospect of offering testimony. And, in a “Sherlock Holmes is turning over in his grave” demonstration of just how important it is to get to the bottom of this, gestapo have now surrounded some house and if the younger patsey perp (who may or may not be in there) don’t come out for a proper bullet riddling coup’de grace assassination so he can’t testify, the house the gestapo think he is hiding in is to be brought down in controlled demolition. That should destroy any other evidence, well. except for those resilient passports terror guys seem to alway carry around when they’re bombing shit, and allow viewer consumers to accept the official conspiracy theory without it being all mucked up by a trial or a fact finding.

    Boston is under Martial Law – weird – ya want a catch a rabbit ya make `em think nothing unusual is going on.

    If those guys were the losers lamestream makes them out to be, how did they come by a pass for the finish line VIP section?

    The images claimed to be of them show two dudes without a care in the world – like they felt special – like they were living the high life of a VIP at the Boston Marathon.

    Best guess is they were hired by the bomb drill guys to play stooges. They were told that what ever was in the bag was nothing more that a dummy device (if that much was shared with them). All they had to do was walk past a bunch of bomb dogs and testosterone flush security dudes, and drop a bag by a lamp post, then enjoy the race, the VIP buffet at the finish line and collect their money for participating in the drill.

    Question: Do they make pressure cookers small enough to fit in a back pack? Those things are huge – heavy – put some nails in `em and they must weigh a ton. If the bag they dropped was the actual device, then why didn’t the dogs smell it? Why didn’t the one of the densely positioned best of Craft Inc Guard Dog Security AW’s go check it out.

    Something don’t smell right.

    And then the re-run of a overly used script – letters to the same ole same ole CSPAN Kiddie Brothel Dandies laced with “fake” boogo booga from an Elvis Impersonator – was it the Pakistani Elvis from a Cheech And Chong movie.

    The only way the official narrative can fly on this one folks is to destroy the evidence (by demolishing someone’s fucking house) and kill the witnesses.

    The Saudi guy – he could have been an Israeli operative – thats why he’s already gone – like Bens family) many citizens of Arab republics consider Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Yemen to be Zionist states.

    The guy they can’t find, the so called patsy perp number three (its always the third guy they never quite seem to catch) has to be the FBI operative that hired and managed the two Kurds to “participate” in the drill.I bet he even picked them up so they would be at the sweet spot right on schedule!

    How many security guards or dogs got wounded by the blast -some should at least have had their ears ring. If none, who pulled them away before the device detonated.

    What we’re seeing, was characterized by Frank Herbert’s Dune, as a feign within a feign within a feign.

    Why is the establishment, at this very minute, making all this distractive noise – running scared and shit of of luck – the last desperate daisy chain of CSPAN sissies is the best guess so far. What are they preparing to steal from us now.

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