9 thoughts on “US Military a Joke and America is done

    1. They said yesterday these freaks are gathering at the Russian border. This is why I keep saying what the f-k are we waiting on. If this is supposed to be a military force, we would wipe it out forthwith. Now that everybody has seen this what excuse will be used? The US fagatory is going to get you?
      It is enough to make you puke and anyone who fears these mother f-kers has absolutely no spine.

  1. Look at any other countries military videos, I’ve never seen their forces act anything like ours. Imagine going to war with a bunch like that, I sure wouldn’t trust the guy in the foxhole next to me. No discipline in the military, no discipline in the schools. Everything the government touches goes to shit.

  2. Yes, gross and disturbing.

    Nation-on-nation, I can’t say how it will all play out. The scriptwriters decide on the winning and losing. Regarding us, the people fighting for freedom, just a thought… couldn’t this actually work in our favor. I mean if these are the types that are comin’ after us, wouldn’t we surely have the upper hand?



    1. On a side-note… I’m boycotting the new Avatar film which cost over a $Billion dollars to make. Imagine how many people that could have helped?!! I’m mostly boycotting it because of this doozy from the director:

      “A lot of things I did earlier, I wouldn’t do — career-wise and just risks that you take as a wild, testosterone-poisoned young man. I always think of (testosterone) as a toxin that you have to slowly work out of your system.”
      — James Cameron

      He knows the value of testosterone in the fight for freedom, that’s why this highly paid (net worth $900 Million) gate-keeper has to tear it down, make it into something very bad. I hope his movie flops big time.


  3. There’s a soldier in the grass with a gerbil up his ass.
    Take it out take it out like a good Boy Scout.

  4. Ok this absolutely disgusting. I stopped watching after …well… it’s just too disgusting to describe that scene. It’s at the 44 second mark if you care to even watch that abomination again.


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