US police armed with 93,763 new machine guns

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If Ferguson, Missouri, looks like a war zone, that may be because its police force is armed to the teeth with military equipment. In photographs from this week’s protests, officers can be seen toting assault rifles, wearing gas masks and body armour loaded with extra ammunition magazines, and riding around in mine-resistant armoured personnel carriers.

The militarisation of US police departments has escalated exponentially in the years since 9/11, with many local forces increasingly resembling US troops fighting overseas.

And with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan wound down, much of the military’s surplus equipment has been handed to domestic law enforcement agencies.

According to a recent report by the New York Times, since 2006 US police departments have collectively acquired 93,763 machine guns; 432 mine-resistant trucks; more than 500 aircraft; thousands of pieces of camouflage and night vision gear; and hundreds of thousands of ammunition magazines, all supplied via a Department of Defence programme.


One thought on “US police armed with 93,763 new machine guns

  1. The police and government get almost 100,000 new machine guns, but We the People are not allowed to have guns and have to be disarmed. I’m sorry, but who is a more threat here again?

    Hello, SHEEPLE!! Are you reading this? Do you still feel safe or do you feel invaded? It’s time to wake up and help us fight back and end this madness before these bastards come knocking at your door!

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