VA Reporter and Cameraman Shooting Discrepancy

Memory Hole Blog – by James Tracy

Video and photographic evidence suggests assailant in video iswhite, yet so-called shooter Vester Flanagan is black.

There appears to be a major contradiction in what has been presented as the official storyline of what has come to be known as the “TV Reporter, Cameraman Murdered Live on Air” story being pushed by mainstream and even some “alternative” news outlets.  

virginia-shooting-videoEarlier today MHB‘s companion website Scoopfeed posted a video depicting the scene at left and analyzing the reported on-air shooting of a journalist and photographer. This video has since been deleted by YouTube staffers because of “shocking and disgusting [sic] content.”

MHB maintains that this video document is significant because it provides evidence contradicting the official narrative of the incident–specifically that the shooter was an African American male.


The video below shows a key excerpt from the above referenced video where at about :38-:40 and :46 the clearly edited video evidences a caucasian hand and wrist of the would be assailant wielding the pistol before firing at reporter Alison Parker.

As SGT Report points out, “since the US government ended the ban on ‘domestic propaganda’, absolutely every “event” must be thoroughly examined and questioned.” Indeed, the fraudulent nature of what passes for journalism today is on par with that of major financial markets, healthcare, even our food supply, where caveat emptor should be the rule of all concerned citizens.

8 thoughts on “VA Reporter and Cameraman Shooting Discrepancy

    1. Kinda hard to hide that obviously caucasian man’s hand and wrist pointing that pistol. It certainly isn’t Flanagan’s hand.

      1. The government withheld the evidence that the suspected Boston Bomber boys had grey back packs, and the private security team had black back packs. One security person clearly did not have his black pack shortly after the explosion. The government case will conveniently overlook the inconsistencies. The slave masters can not get away with their lies since the internet. Millions of cameras and millions of people noticing inconsistencies.

  1. Personally, I’ve gotten to the point that I believe they actually do this sh#t on purpose… to gauge the stupidity level of the sheeple.

  2. “This video has since been deleted by YouTube staffers because of “shocking and disgusting [sic] content.””

    Yea, we all know why YouTube REALLY banned the video. The “shocking and disgusting content” was the fact that they were “shocked” at how the elite screwed up an easy false flag and were “disgusted” with how it revealed a white hand holding the gun and not a black man that they needed to start a race war and more gun control propaganda. Youtube couldn’t cover up the evidence fast enough.

    By the way, I couldn’t find any blood anywhere in the video to even report it as “shocking or disgusting”. However, when I look at police brutality, I see more “shocking or disgusting” blood and beating on innocent life than this video ever would show. But I guess it’s OK to show it when police do it, because after all, they are the good guys, don’t you know.


  3. riddle me this: in the above photos why didn’t the reporter look to her right? She didn’t see the gun man? then the shot was fired…why didn’t the reporter drop like a rock? where’s the blood spray/splatter from the bullet going through her torso and out the other side? I watched the videos…at the first shot, why didn’t the camera man take the brief second to at least shove the camera at the shooter? I think the reporter supposedly took 3 shots, then the camera man fell. False flag propaganda from Bo Bo, again.

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