Victim’s Father Demands Obama Use Martial Law Powers: “Declare State of Emergency for Gun Epidemic”

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Try as Obama might – as he did during his televised town hall meeting on CNN– to dissuade people from the notion that he has undertaken a massive conspiracy to confiscate guns from the American people and disarm their right to keep them, there is every sense that great powers for gun control could be seized. There is every sense our rights are under threat from within by a force never before seen in our system of government.

Would the president really evoke martial law to satisfy his hunger for destroying the 2nd Amendment? Will he stop at anything in undermining the right to keep and bear arms, and civil rights like due process in general?  

There are fresh calls from the gun control lobby for President Obama to do so. A father of a victim of gun violence is behind the most recent push for these radical powers in the name of keeping dangerous and insane people away from weapons.

Elliot Fineman, who joined the National Gun Victims Action Council in the wake of losing his son, wants the President to take extreme measures and declare a national emergency in order to address the so-called “gun violence epidemic” – and suspend the Constitution and Bill of Rights in the process of tackling this social problem…

As Michael Strickland wrote:

Elliot Fineman, of the National Gun Victims Action Council, has penned an op ed on calling for Obama to declare a “National State of Emergency for the Gun Violence Epidemic.”

He says this needs to “include universal REAL backgrounds checks, suspending the gun industry’s immunity from lawsuits, monitoring ammunition sales and banning those on the terror watch list from buying guns.”

Fineman goes on to say:

As we tune in to CNN’s town hall meeting with Obama, here are my questions. What are yours?

1) Gun violence is a raging epidemic claiming 30,000 lives per year at a cost of $229 billion per year. Why have you not declared a state of emergency to halt the Gun Violence Epidemic?

2) Since the government is the largest purchaser of firearms, why not force the gun manufacturers to make smart guns (guns that will only fire if the fingerprint of the owner matches the trigger) by requiring that the government only purchase smart guns?

Evoking such powers means calling upon martial law and suspending the constitutional checks put in place to prevent government intervention in such matters as the right to keep and bear arms.

It is unclear how overtly tyrannical such a use of “emergency powers” would be, but it is clear enough that the system will make frequent use of its powers to declare someone “unfit” or “mentally ______” (fill in with anything) and deny access to purchase guns.

Such persons, including cases of PTSD in veterans and LEOs, will also be targeted during police calls, or disputes where intervention may result in confiscation. Theelderly have also been identified as a category for disarmament due to declining levels of competence.

California has already implemented a law requiring police to “temporarily” take away weapons if a loved one reports them as potentially violent, a threat to themselves or others, or otherwise incompetent or unstable. Such individuals will be required to undergo mental health screening a get certification from a judge between their firearms will be returned.

Confiscation is coming, despite what President Obama would have you believe.

Emperor Obama would love for “the people” to demand he take this “common sense” action. Maybe he wouldn’t like to take these powers, but he is honored to do so if it is the will of the populace, and if, of course, it would save even one life.

Reminds me of FDR’s call for broad executive power, where government transformed into a giant machine overseeing every avenue of life that any agency of the executive can address.

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4 thoughts on “Victim’s Father Demands Obama Use Martial Law Powers: “Declare State of Emergency for Gun Epidemic”

  1. Any American who isn’t on a government watch list should be ashamed of themselves.

    now on to this matter

    Oblamey can declare all he wants ..this country is already in a state of war .. and if they think im going to sit here unarmed as they pick us off 1 x 1 .. they are the ones that are delusional and have a mental deficiency

    and if he thinks calling ML is going to fix shit or give him the power to disarm us all.. he IS the one thats F-ing mental

  2. “Victim’s Father Demands Obama Use Martial Law Powers…”

    I demand that the ‘victim’s father’ be given a free dirt overcoat… compliments of patriots everywhere.

  3. Taking my guns is going to cost you a minimum of one head.

    You may blow a hundred holes in me within the next minute, but at least one of you pieces of schit is going to have their head blown off first.

  4. “Martial law…. “Powers”!!!
    What the hell….?
    Is Barry a fkng magician now?
    What does this dmbass think Barry can do?
    Maybe this guy thinks Barry is Fckng Space Ghost….or maybe the Green fkng Hornet.
    State of emergency for a gun epidemic?
    Get the fk outta here. ….!
    Well if it’s an epidemic. ..
    I guess we’ll need a new vaccine shot.
    But the shot in your ass your gonna get from pissed off people isn’t gonna need a needle.
    Epidemic ?
    No….. starving people with no decent jobs is a fkng epidemic!
    Get the fk outta here..!!!!!!

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