Victims Of Boston Bombing Police State Lockdown Speak Out

Published on May 3, 2013 by TheAlexJonesChannel

On the heels of Prestitute Lawrence O’Donnell calling Ron Paul a lair when he called the Man-hunt and door to door searches in Watertown Mass a martial Law exercise; Infowars reporter Dan The Kracken Bidondi went to interview residents who were forced from their homes.

4 thoughts on “Victims Of Boston Bombing Police State Lockdown Speak Out

  1. Well of course they can get away with the by going Door to Door like the vaccum cleaner salesman of old.

    We pointed out making Local Alarm system with bells or whatnot so that all the neighbors and Deputies (Trained and Sworn In) come running to your house INMASS to stop this nonsense. Then let them try to arrest badge carrying deputies or for that matter force themselves through a large deployment of Citizens armed and Photo Recording.

    Get organised starting about a Month Ago

    We are Legion..

  2. They can try this in a dumbed down, flouridated, east coast megopolis. Try that in any town smaller than 50,000 in the midwest and they’ll get stiff resistance. Try it on some random country homestead in those same states and they might get either blown to bits or shot. The jackboots knew they could get away with it, and they did!

    Come on my property without a warrant and you’ll be run off at best, shot at worst. Shoot back and you’ll be in for a sorry tale.

  3. I’m confused. First they said that the younger brother ran his older brother over. Then they said the cops drove his older brother over and now this guy at the 12:15 minute mark said the younger brother ran the older brother over. Which is it? And why were these people standing there doing nothing and not taking action and where were the Oathkeepers who were suppose to be there and the Boston Militia?

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