Will American Soldiers Fire on U.S. Citizens?

120715-M-XI134-1681Clash Daily – by Skip Coryell

I was doing a radio interview this morning and the host asked me why the Department of Homeland Security needed 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition. The easy answer for me was, “They don’t.” Of course the follow-up question for him was, “Then why are they buying it?”

And that’s the billion-dollar question isn’t it. What is the federal government going to do with all that ammo? Why do they need it? Why are they buying it? It’s unprecedented. Are we on the cusp of physical domination by the United States Federal Government? And, if so, how will the American people react?  

The talk show host also asked me, “If the people were to rebel, how could they ever possibly hope to prevail against a government so big, so huge, so powerful and so ruthless?”

He had a good point.

I mean, let’s face it: they have Predator drones, spy satellites, and sophisticated online surveillance and communication systems. How could the American people ever hope to prevail in a fighting war?

Sure, we barely prevailed over the British in our original war for independence, but that was different. Great Britain was based thousands of miles away, and it took 30 days to cross the Atlantic. That was a huge benefit to the colonists. We no longer have that. The federal government is right here, right now, and firmly cemented into state and local law enforcement. The talk show host argued there was no hope of prevailing over a government so massive and powerful.

Was he right?

I brought up the Taliban and the Viet Cong as recent examples of how to defeat a large military in a techno-driven war. In the end, the Taliban will win, just as the Viet Cong did. In truth, only three percent of the colonists actively fought against the British in our war for independence. But three percent was enough.

But the big question is this: Are there still three percent of the American population with the courage and resolve to fight against an out-of-control, tyrannical government? My short answer is: I think so.

Of course, we all have our lines in the sand.

1. I will fight when they force gun registration.
2. I will fight when they come for my guns.
3. I will fight when they come for me.

No matter where you fall on that list, it puts you in the precarious position of defying the all-powerful Obama of Oz. Who is the man behind the curtain, pulling the strings, calling the shots, planning out the final moves to dismantle our liberty?

Is it Barack Obama or some other unseen dark and evil minion?

I don’t know.

A while back I had an interesting conversation with a military person who felt the federal government was about to take away the last vestiges of our freedom. I asked him if he was ordered to fire on American citizens, would he do it?

His answer was direct and unwavering. He said, “Hell no! As soon as they start rounding up people or go for gun confiscation, then I’ll empty the armory so people can defend themselves.”

And you know what? I think that’s the answer to the billion-dollar question: “Why does the Department of Homeland Security need all those bullets?” I think it’s because they know American soldiers will never fire on the country they’ve sworn to protect and defend. In my opinion, the Department of Homeland Security is no longer a law enforcement agency; it’s a brand new army with nefarious purposes.

And I have to ask myself: To what lengths are they willing to go to secure the submission of our citizenry? Are they willing to shed our blood? Will the DHS round us up? Will they take our guns? Will they enslave us? And, if we resist, will they unleash all that powerful and deadly technology against their own people?

I did a second interview today, and the host asked me: “Do you believe that DHS is going to use those one point six billion bullets to enslave us?”

I’ve done hundreds of interviews, and I could tell he was goading me, trying to get me to say something outrageous to make me look like an extremist. I answered him like this.

Do I believe they are going to enslave us? No. Do I think they are capable of trying? Yes. Would I be surprised if this administration started confiscating firearms. No – not at all. I have a very healthy distrust for our government. The Founding Fathers were masters of human nature; that was their primary genius. They knew that the base of human nature (absent some restraint and accountability) drives one man to dominate another and to accrue more and more power for selfish design.

So I ask all of you the billion-dollar question again: “Why does the Department of Homeland Security need all those bullets?”

In the quiet of your own heart, in the peaceful reflection of your own soul – ask the question, and answer it in the dead of night with unspoken words lest the drones hear you. Then prepare accordingly. You’re either part of the three percent who act, or part of the ninety-seven percent who sit idly by and watch others. The choice is yours. Live free – or die.


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38 thoughts on “Will American Soldiers Fire on U.S. Citizens?

  1. Will American Soldiers Fire on U.S. Citizens?

    I think it all depends on whether or not they’re firing back.

  2. I have a feeling that the patriots in our military, if there are any left after the Obama purge, will join the resistance to this tyranny. However, we will have to deal with those that don’t and it won’t be pretty once the shooting starts.

    1. If Obummer keeps messing with the military personnel’s pay and benefits through sequester, it’s a given they will join the resistance to tyranny. You just don’t mess with a person’s food, and shelter. They’ll fight for it for sure!!!

      . . .

  3. Will American soldier fire on American citizens if ordered to,Some will and some want.Will a fighter pilot shoot down a domestic airliner if told to?You better believe he or she will! Will a combat veteran that becomes a cop or sheriff shot a citizen,they do it all the time.Will a combat veteran that works for DHS shot an American citizen,you bet! There will come a time that all must choose what side they are going to stand on,the one that upholds the Constitution, Or the side with the Traitors trying to take it away.There will be Cops ,Sheriffs ,and Military on both sides of the conflict,but there is only one just side to be on.I personally choose the one that protects the Constitution,you see I am a Vet and I swore to do just that!

  4. I have a question about the hollow point ammo.
    Are not full auto and semi auto weapons designed and most reliable with FMJ bullets? I would think that the hollow point bullets cause failure to feed issues particularly with full auto weapons? As threatening as the hollow point bullet issue sounds, I am coming to the opinion that this is more of a hazard to the JBT and may lead many of the JBT to be killed.

    How far off is my speculation?

    1. No, hollow points don’t cause the problem. The reason why so many guns are designed around FMJ is due to the internationally respected “laws of war”, which requires use of jacketed ammo.

    2. I had a 9mm Marlin lever action rifle. I was told that firing hollow points was not recommended. Hitting a target at 200 yards on a windy day would be an adventure. I believe the aerodynamics of a hollow point are not ideally suited for a rifle but when shot from a pistol, it’s not as much as an issue.

      1. As with all things mechanical, the performance of ammunition is largely dependant upon two factors, and those are:

        — The construction of the bullet itself, and how well balanced it is in terms of equal distribution of mass around the spin axis.

        — The quality of the firearm itself, most especially the crown treatment of the muzzle.

        In the case of the former, a poorly manufactured bullet (or one which has been damaged) will tend to wander off the aimed trajectory by wobbling, and may actually end up tumbling.

        In the case of the latter, you have to remember that the very last thing which influences what a bullet does once it leaves the muzzle, is very greatly determined by just that. If even one of the rifling grooves is longer or shorter, narrower, or wider, or damaged in any way, that will bias the trajectory of the bullet.

        The fastest way to ruin a good firearm is to ‘aggressively’ clean the barrel. All due care, and caution should be exercised whenever a gun is being cleaned.

        Insofar as feeding problems, I’ve experienced a few with a Springfield model 1911. But upon careful evaluation of the matter, two things were evident:

        The feed ramp had visible machining striations, and the hollow points I was using at the time had a very sharp leading edge on the cone of the ogive. Those striations were just enough to catch the sharp leading edge, and prevent feeding.

        Carefully polishing the feed ramp solved that problem altogether.

        Let’s hope that DHS has purchased some of the very worst arms and ammo!

    1. Instead of pitchforks? Sounds very promising. Maybe throw in some citizen’s arrests of the D.C. criminals while they’re there? What a happy 4th of July that would be huh?

      . . .

  5. I’d word it anther way:

    Live bent over pulling the plow, or die free, standing straight.

    But over all, I’d also say, you don’t have to defy tptb to their faces.
    Remember in the “Gallic Wars”- when the free warriors of Europe, went full frontal wars on the Romans, the free warriors died by the thousands. In this way, we can learn from the past.

    There’re such a things as, working under the radar, you know. So many little ways to throw a spanner in the works. Each in your own way…because tptb are experts in infiltration…so be your own leaders.

    You see, at this point in time, you KNOW that tptb hate us, with such a virulent hatred, they’re using EVERY means of destroying us. Just look around, at everything, every way.

    They use us, who they consider “peasants” / cannon fodder / useless eaters, to fight outer “peasants” elsewhere. This way, we slaughter each other.

    Truth is, EVERYTHING produced, manufactured, invented, is from the Energy and sweat of We, THE People. Everything comes from us, NOTHING from tptb. THEY take and take, and never give back. THEY are the useless eaters. Useless. We have NEVER needed them.

    There’s no doubt that they’ve already at war with us, THE People. It’s just they haven’t told us, officially. And we, stupid dopes, have to be told, “This is War!…? We have to be told? Or can’t we see?
    Not only the banksters, and obummercare, but the water, the food, the air, education system, vaccinations, the woodlands cut, the oceans contaminated, the phone & ISP spying, punishing our kids for even thinking “gun” & now, having us, squeal on each other, etc.

    We don’t need that A. Jones to tell us, “It’s War!”

    It’s been a war, for a long, long time, now.

      1. Yes. Exactly. They have declared war on us. And yes, we slaughter each other. And all of those groups involved in this war against us – the banks, the pharmaceutical/vaccine industry, the GMO pushers, the people behind the fluoride and PCB’s and pesticides, the nuclear industry, etc …get away with it because fellow Americans work for and support these organizations. Americans against Americans. And it will be the same way with the military. Will they fire on us? Of course they will.

    1. @ Bonnie – yours was a great response. I am sure if you listed ALL the S**t the enemy ptb have committed against us, it would take a 10 – 20 page response.

      If an individual, or even a small group of them, had committed even part of what these scum have committed v. me and my own, I can promise this; they would have disappeared, forever MIA’s, long ago. One day they are there, next day they are not. No trace.

      As far as the topic, I believe there may be a 1-2 day partial military assault on us by some soldiers.

      I also believe on THAT day, many will do an about face and blow the heads off the commander issuing fire orders. I think defections en masse, with gear will occur within an hour of the war starting.

      Lots of us believe this will be a 2 week war, followed by a worldwide roundup of every single traitor out there. Brief wars may be launched v. any country who even dreams of harboring the scum who have been assaulting the world for decades.

      The ptb enemy will flee the USA on their little jets. We will come get them, anywhere. No way they will split without paying for all this. The USA will NOT move on after the war and let them skate. The entire country will be watching the NEW true media and seeing the 100% TRUTH, which they have never seen, even if they are 100 YO. They will demand retribution and Justice.

      They really have a very big problem. They cannot get to another solar system, where they may have been safe.

      This is THEIR end game…And – they know it.

      The main thing is to get READY – 12 months food – water purification and medical gear – protection and tactical “gear” – bugout gear – bugout location – form up with a group.

  6. I have been meeting with a group of older retire men for a couple of years now , and at first they were totally oblivious to what is going on. At every meeting I would give a little update of some current event going on at that time, just to get them thinking, and looking around at what’s going on in America. At first it was always… “That could never happen in America, or a least not in our lifetime”. I remember telling them that they are going to come after our guns someday very soon. I told them that they will use false flags to move the people to go along with it. Of course, they would say our government would never do that. Anyway, to make this short.

    Now, at just about every meeting someone will say… “Dang, Smilardog… you were right, I never thought it possible. Now, I can see it and you were right”. Then they will tell me something I said a year ago.

    So now, these guys are searching the alternative news on their own, and they are telling me what’s going on. haha!! It’s so cool. Now, all they want to do is hurry up with the meeting, the original reason our group gets together. So, we can discuss current events. I love it!

    What really got their attention was the gun grab, the DHS stock piling ammo, and the shortage of civilian guns and ammo. The news arms race, if you will. So, I said all of that to say this.

    One of the men in the group is a newly retired Army Colonel of 35-40 years service. Well, we all started quizzing him about the military.

    1. Do you think the military would full-on go against the American population, and even go as far as killing Americans in a war.

    He said, most likely they would… at first!!! But, once they realized what was going on, as far as, they would realize that it would be their families being killed by other soldiers in other parts of the country, and so on. He said after a week or two, that they would leave ranks taking with them what ever equipment they could grab and go home to protect their own families. Then they would also, realize that the Government had basically been hijacked by the commies. He basically, said that the military would lose most of their logistical support because most of that is contracted out to civilian companies, and civil servants. He also said, all trucking, electricity, water, power, etc. would go down within two weeks. Mostly, because people would not go to work, but stay home to defend their families. Also, the collapse of the financial system would happen almost immediately. He pretty much said, they could only do it with foreign troops, and said maybe that what the ammo is for, foreign troops. He also, said that we would most likely be be invaded by Russia and China if we went into revolution here.

    I also asked him about hellfire missiles and the census GPS. But, I need a break… to be continued…. hahaha!!!

  7. This government’s weakness is the fragility of a technological society on an aging infrastructure. Things BREAK. Even though they retreat into their secret lairs, lairs turn into traps.

  8. Of course US soldiers would gladly fire on civilians… just put the right guy in the right place, and it’s something he’s been waiting for all his life…

    And as far as all those “oath keepers” or “oaf creepers” go, realize this first: They’re all still COPS. Same as they’ve always been. They lie in court,” (testi-lying) and they lie in public, and to each other.
    But because they’ve said they’ll keep some “oath” you’ll believe them and their secret recipe, ready to eat the poop sandwich they are handing you.
    That “oath” is to the union. They go on strike against you for more money. Blue flu to YOU! They are just tools, waiting for their orders.

    1. I agree about leos’ [law enforcement “officers”] being corrupt as hell trashbags who could care less about any Oath.

      I just drove around my neighborhood that I temporarily live in. There are at least 4 cops living around here. They all have families and & kids.

      When the SHTF, as corrupt as 90% ++ of leos are, they are gonna be NOT showing up to be gunned down by a group of utterly infuriated-to-the-core groups of Patriots who vastly outnumber them.

      They know a mission like that is a sure-thing death wish. They want to see their families again. I think most leos will not even respond when the SHTF.

  9. Would American Soldiers Fire on U.S. Citizens. Yes

    What governemts do is send in soldiers who were born in rural areas to deal with urbanites. The natural anomosity between rural and urban reinforces the us vs them mentality.

    The PLA sent in rural troops to deal with the Tiananmen Square protesters. But Western nations employ the same tactic. During the 60’s 70’s France was known to send rural provincial troops to quell riots and protests in Paris.

  10. Rough times are ahead but I believe that TRUTH will prevail. Even liars distrust liars. There is no honor amongst thieves. People are real tired of the shit going on. More waking up everyday. Believe in yourself, in common sense and know that you are not alone. May the good Lord give us strength and courage to rally and defeat the devil.

  11. I am glad they are buying useless pistol ammo. if need be I can give them a severe case of lead poisoning from 600-700 yds out while their idiotic hollow points hit the ground at 70 yds

    1. Well, those rounds are meant for pistols, and submachine guns.

      If I read this correctly enough, their intent is to expend those rounds at very close proximity to their intended target, i.e., inside or outside a house, apartment, etc., when they meet resistance to whatever it is they will be about.

      Their whole set of tactics is spray the hell out of a residence or other structure, such as to saturate and annihilate.

      Do do keep in mind that the very first head of the DHS was also the head of the East German STASI. Their tactics were almost totally urban fighting.

      I’m thinking that they have it in mind to scare the bejesus out of everyone in several very high profile attacks, and use the videos as a means of scaring almost everyone into submission.

      But as I suspect as well, that’s going to backfire on them in such a terrible way that just every cop or other uniformed individual well from thence become a walking target of opportunity. They will be totally afraid to go anywhere knowing that just anyone will be waiting for them. It’s very hard to live life whilst you’re having to watch your back every waking moment. It’s very distracting.

      As for foreign troops, and mercenaries? Remember what the Iraqis did to those Blackwater thugs early on? They were captured, dragged behind cars, and hung from the steel girder work of a local bridge.

      Image how such a sight will affect foreign troops when their own are made an example of in that very same way!

      In war, the most vicious, and determined adversary is usually the winner.

  12. “I mean, let’s face it: they have Predator drones, spy satellites, and sophisticated online surveillance and communication systems. How could the American people ever hope to prevail in a fighting war?”

    We do not hope. We GD sure ARE gonna prevail. We got our ways and means.

    Online surveillance? News flash: when this war starts. The internet will be off – even it was on, tens of thousands of us will be real busy runnin’ ops v. the enemy, with many millions more LNL waiting for the suicide cases to show up.

    Communication systems? Those may last up to 7 days b4 they are down from unrelenting Patriot attacks on their spy towers, the grid and more. Ditto that for supply lines = sitting F-ing ducks.

    We have 120,000,000 that own guns. Out of that group at least 30,000,000 of us are wide awake. From that group, I believe at least 50% will instantly attack the enemy with everything they got. Then we have MILLIONS of infuriated vets discovering they were in the isreal, not the USA, military – the same ones the dhs lez james napolitano called crazy, the same ones who are getting F-ed out of benefits. They now are realizing that they were duped – by jews.

    So if the suicide cases do fire upon us, MANY millions of us will, simply stated, mow them and their families, the F down – fast.

    You wondered in your piece: who is running the shows. Here is your answer:

    zion ist jews and their puppets, same crew as the last 100 +++ years in this corrupt country [just search “zionist takeover of America” if you doubt this]. Same crew that we will will forever eradicate and purge from the earth very soon. This time, it will not be a holohoax like the WW2 hoax. It will be very real.

    They know it’s comin.’ I believe that they are far more scared than any of us. But, they are in so far they do not know how to back out. Greed also obscures reason. So we’ll just have fun killing over 1,000,000 +++ traitors in 2013.

  13. It should be understood that the Federal government accomplished its mission in Vietnam. After fabricating justification for military action, they began bombing indiscriminately, as well as terrorizing civilian populations with soldiers on the ground.

    Faced with a superior invading force, more and more Vietnamese began assisting the Viet-Cong – as should be expected.

    This is the same reason that Johnson and Nixon conducted secret bombing campaigns against Cambodia and Laos. As expected, people from those nations began to assist and enlist in the Viet-cong.

    While American forces were restricted with various “rules of engagement” the Viet-cong was steadily growing.. This continued until it was determined that the Viet-cong would be able to take South Vietnam.

    If you doubt this, consider the fact that Macnamara (the “architect” of the war) resigned his position near the end of the war and became head of the World Bank. In this new position, he began financing the new communist Vietnamese governments reconstruction efforts.

    Once this was achieved, George HW Bush (long time associate of Nixon) established trade with communist Vietnam. This is why we now have products in our stores that are “MADE IN VIETNAM”.

    The boys on Wall Street are still gloating, and still making money from it.

    Americans may have lost the war, but Wall Street won.

  14. “The talk show host argued there was no hope of prevailing over a government so massive and powerful.”

    That talk show host ought to get a beat down for saying that and kicked out of the country. Does the technology run itself? NO! They need people to run them and if people don’t run them, then their power has vanished. It comes down to the barrel of a gun and the people who are holding them. Technology can be taken out quite easily, but taking out a man with an idea and skills is a lot harder.

  15. Did the National Guard fire on students at Kent State Ohio? Yes. The story was that they had been throwing rocks at them. But it doesn’t explain the fact that kids just walking between classes were shot – not even engaging in protest. Four died. Although as time goes by, I’m not so sure of any body count (we learned to distrust them during the Vietnam War).

    One thing for sure, it made Americans think that if you protested, there was a good chance you’d be shot. It was believed that shoot to kill happened.

    May 4, 1970. How odd I remembered it, 43 years to the day later. Maybe it’s in my head like it was yesterday, always a part of the spiritual shrapnel I carry in my bones from that time (although I only saw the reports).

    How do you make Americans fire on other Americans? You split them up alone certain lines – Moslem/non-Moslem, Boston Strong/Redneck Gun Nut. Just keep drawing these distinctions and soon enough set them against each other. Make all their common bonds simply moot and forgotten. Stop contemplating your common history, shared sacrifices of the past, joyous occasions together. Just drown it in the needs of the moment.

    I understand though that some thing the people should strike the first blow, and wonder when that should happen. At what outrage? Fake terror attacks? Increasing surveillance? Having to register guns?

    Another vivid recollection (this time more real) was of walking the trail between Lexington and Concord, stopping to watch a demonstration of how much damage a Brown Bess could do (just one little ball, slowly and carefully loaded through a series of actions) while noting the large boulders in the area of former homesteads where simple farmers (yeomanry as the British called them) took cover to shoot at British mercenaries and their officers who were trying to take a store of powder away from the residents, trying to disarm them. This was a brutal form of battle leading to blood loss from shots to arteries (nobody taking away someone with two blown off legs but letting someone die on the ground with a single shot to a critical artery, a few pumps of the heart, and death soon followed). It was face to face, so rare in modern warfare. There were no British drones or helicopters or support from Hanscom Field. Just something basic and gritty and decisive. It wasn’t going to be easy, but the support for it even existed among some in Parliament. Nothing like that resolve has even begun in today’s atmosphere.

    So we get endless wars abroad and street theatre at home to make us fear terrorists. This is an early, silly stage of empire. Worse is yet to come.

  16. Congress recently held a hearing about the DHS ammunition issue. A spokesman for the DHS testified that the agency purchases ammunition in bulk to receive volume discounts.

    Since the article did not mention if any further questions were asked, I wrote to several members of congress and asked, if the DHS was suddenly concerned about saving money, why are most of its orders for hollow point bullets?

    Full metal jacketed bullets are much cheaper than hollow points. No one uses hollow point bullets for target practice.

    Did the DHS order the following items in bulk to save money as well?
    • Several thousand armored check point booths in April 2012.
    • Several thousand heavily armored MRAPP vehicles.
    • 1,400 Pounds of High Powered Explosives in August, 2012

    How many pounds of those explosives do you suppose are missing after the bombing in Boston?

    RE: Would the US military shoot Americans?
    They asked many soldiers, most of them said they would not.

    Their solution was the DHS. The DHS is by definition a standing army.
    Such an army is composed of mercenaries, rather than volunteer patriots. Throughout history, standing armies have been used to oppress civilian populations, with very few exceptions. It would be foolish to think this army of heavily armed soldiers would not “follow orders” as well..

    The number of these soldiers is constantly increasing. Not long ago there were about 50,000, about two months ago, an article stated 70,000. Last week an article stated 100,000.

    This is why we were warned about standing armies….

    “A standing army in the hands of a government placed so independent of the people may be made a fatal instrument to overturn the public liberties; it may be employed to enforce the collection of the most oppressive taxes, and to carry into execution the most arbitrary measures. An ambitious man, who may have the army at his devotion, may step up into the throne, and seize upon absolute power.” ~ Pennsylvania ratification delegates.

    “A standing military force, with an overgrown Executive will not long be safe companions to liberty. The means of defence against foreign danger have been always the instruments of tyranny at home. Among the Romans it was a standing maxim to excite a war, whenever a revolt was apprehended. Throughout all Europe, the armies kept up under the pretext of defending, have enslaved the people”. ~ James Madison

    “Wherever standing armies are kept up, and when the right of the people to keep and bear arms is, under any color or pretext whatsoever, prohibited, liberty, if not already annihilated, is on the brink of destruction.” ~ Henry St. George Tucker

    “They are instruments so dangerous to the rights of the nation and which place them so totally at the mercy of their governors that those governors, whether legislative or executive, should be restrained from keeping such instruments on foot but in well-defined cases. Such an instrument is a standing army.” ~Thomas Jefferson

  17. Agree with you Mark, I believe that well before the time the dhs army would have hoped to have any measurable numbers that could be of serious concern, say 1,000,000, they will have been annihilated by the revolution that is coming.

    We know the plan and they know we know it.

    As far as CONgress investigating ANYTHING, we know that is pure comedy.

  18. I think the real question here is: when the SHTF, will there be any American military LEFT in this country to fire upon U.S. ‘citizens’?

    At the rate the so-called ‘government’ is shipping them overseas these days, it’s something to consider.

  19. Whenever someone poses the argument of an omnipotent US Military or DHS stooges lugging around 2 billion rounds of ammo in their armored personnel carriers, I chuckle and think about “The Tiny Dot” a YouTube video by Larken Rose.

    Bill Mahar on his show the other day was jumping up and down saying how butch the military and police are, citing Waco as an example. Yea, I must admit, they certainly did roast a bunch of woman and children and they still do that in Iraq and Afghanistan. The problem is that they lose more soldiers to suicide than in combat.

  20. They are trying desperately to goad someone into shooting one of these police, to start the war and get the police on the side opposite the people. Guess..

  21. If our military obeys traitors, criminals, foreign agents, etc. by fighting wars for Israel and the money changers then they won’t think twice about murdering American Citizens. A sad state of affairs. I recall an Argentine air force officer state he was happy tossing government opponents out of airplanes over the ocean while the people were still alive.

    These were mostly non violent teachers, professors, trade unionists, priests, students, housewives, etc. These were the ones not immediately executed and thrown into open pits, down wells, etc. Remember Kissinger’s ‘dirty wars’? They are still ongoing.

    Our military appears to adore the money changer criminals.

  22. Heres a question I’ve not yet heard asked…

    Since when does a predator announce it’s intentiuon? reveal it’s stratogy?
    All those bullets could easily have been brown boxed without anyone but
    the head lizards knowing it about it…
    the answer is “they are terrified of us” those bullets were about
    three things:

    and announcement

    Use is on another page they dont wish to turn.

    1. Well, we need more announcements like that, because where I was not able to awaken certain people that I had spent years teaching about what is really going on, just that one announcement about the DHS arms build-up did in a couple months what I was unable to do in years of work. Now, they are wide awake and doing their own research and telling me what’s going on. Hence, the on-going arms race between DHS and We the people! Now, these same newly awake people are willing to learn about all of the other stuff going on, also. It’s great!!! Now, my friends don’t think of me as a Conspiracy Theorist, but a Prophet hahaha!!!

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