Violence erupts during Paris protest against police brutality

Dec 5, 2020

Thousands protested in Paris, France, on Saturday to denounce police violence and President Emmanuel Macron’s security policy plans, which demonstrators say would restrict civil liberties.

Protesters waved banners that read “France, land of police rights” and “Withdrawal of the security law.” Some also threw projectiles at riot police, smashed shop windows, torched cars and burned barricades. Police fired back volleys of tear gas.

In one incident, police charged after fireworks were launched at their lines.

France has been hit by a wave of street protests after the government introduced a security bill in Parliament that set out to increase its surveillance tools and restrict rights on circulating images of police officers in the media and online.

7 thoughts on “Violence erupts during Paris protest against police brutality

  1. Imagine if the French people ditched the fireworks, and used real weapons. There would be much less wasted energy and it would be over in minutes, with much less property damage. Hmmm…why do they insist on this inefficient and tiresome process, unless it’s just for show? One has to also wonder, if the protestors can get their hands on fireworks explosives, why don’t we see any, more powerful, improvised packages?

  2. This happened ’cause the people are fed up with lockdowns and took place right after their gov made it ‘illegal’ to photograph the police in any capacity. Talk about Carte Blanche!

    It’s painful to see a disarmed population try to defend itself or cripple its tyrants. I place much of the blame on Sesame St. and Mr. Rogers, where feelings trumped intelligence. They killed instincts and furiously spawned snowflakes.


    1. “tolerance”: Putting up with shite we should’ve addressed long ago. Some shite just isn’t meant to be tolerated!

      1. Yeah, and I looked up the root word, “tolerate.” From the Latin: To endure.

        We don’t have to “endure” ANYTHING we don’t want to.
        As some would say: ENDURE THIS, MOFOS!! You know the rest.
        Words can really be traps/programs.


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