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Viral Video: Security Guard Assaults Photographers Taking Pictures

Before It’s News – by Live Free or Die

If this video is a shining example of Barack Obama’s ‘NEW AMERICA’, then WHO NEEDS IT? Barack, please take this BEHAVIOR back to Kenya with you! This ‘confrontation’ didn’t end up too well for the ‘security guard’.

OHIO VALLEY MALL FIGHT CAUGHT ON TAPE: During last week’s accident in which a semi plunged into a ravine near the Ohio Valley Mall, a scuffle broke out between a mall security guard and a woman taking photos of the accident. Mall policy states photos can not be taken of mall property.   The woman was asked by the security guard to stop when the two fought. We’re working today to get more details of the incident for you. Stay tuned. WARNING: ADULT CONTENT. Video courtesy Live Leak

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42 Responses to Viral Video: Security Guard Assaults Photographers Taking Pictures

  1. Nobodysname says:

    I guess she learned we the people are getting tired of this bullshit didn’t she ?

  2. Drutch says:

    That woman was absolutely mentally retarded. Who the hell does she think she is? The defintinion of a psychosis is to be detatched from reality. She apparently lives in a fantasy wolrd in which she has some kind of legal authority? She should be shipped off to a state institution for the criminally insane.

    • Phil says:

      Here’ s a good example of a psychopath in action, using the occasion to exerce power over other humans ! Traits of psychopaths include, lack of empathy, arrogance, desire to control, use of physical and psychological violence, no diplomacy whatsoever etc…
      They are purposely hired by security/police forces because they act without thinking and create fear over the population !

  3. diggerdan says:

    That so called security cops should have gotton the boot a few good times.I was hoping to see some pig blood spilled like the cops always do to the people. I would have loved to see that crazy acting cop get beat up good by some of those others that were just standing around watching. Ya know like 9 people on one wanna be cop/pig. she should have been beat bloody and just left there to call her own ambulence. Maybe with a few broken ribs, a busted head, and the fear of god.

  4. meyekul says:

    Maybe she should get a job with the TSA. Then she’ll have some REAL power to bully people into submission.

  5. TheBigfut says: