13 thoughts on “Visiting Our Brother and Sister – Henry and Laura

  1. Nice! That dusting of snow actually looks wonderful about this time. Here in Texas it’s already scorching. Go outside for 5 minutes and come back in dripping wet from humidity.

  2. Nothing is more enjoyable than relaxing at the Shivley’s. Over the years I have always made sure I stop in for a visit. Always delicious food and plenty of solid sleep.

    On my way to the coast to resume my time off near the ocean, wanted like hell to bring Henry and Laura along, wasn’t in the cards. Soon Henry and Laura will be deep in the woods on their time off. Must be nice!

  3. If only we could enjoy our lives in the serenity of our choice, free from any and all intrusions by other people claiming any manner of authorities over us.

    Until these types and their institutionalization of tyranny are eradicated it will get worse and worse. So be it!

    Nice pics, the mountains would be my first choice next to my island home, if I was on the mainland that is.

    Shake Henry and Laura’s hands for all of us trenchers Mark.

    Thanks and Aloha

    1. Did that already for all of us. Even shook a couple down for us. Yeah, living under a thumb….not going to happen.

  4. Enjoy the good gathering with good folks, you guys and gals. Sunny, mild and light breeze here with no chemtrails so I can see the sun AND REAL clouds! 26mi NW of filthadelphia.

      1. Ah Mark, that sounds absolutely majestical! All you kids deserve to enjoy that kind of view. Seeing real clouds is nice but getting all that is a gift! Slainte!

  5. Down time is such a necessity
    Stress is a killer
    Lord knows we’ve all had our plates full of it
    Y’all have a great time n be safe

    1. You bet, im looking out a window from a couch looking at the pacific ocean, I could get used to this.

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