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WARNING! Ferguson is a Psyop to Declare Martial Law

Published on Aug 18, 2014 – by AMTV

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11 Responses to WARNING! Ferguson is a Psyop to Declare Martial Law

  1. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    Hate to admit it, but it’s kinda starting to look that way.

  2. Frank says:

    Also, a major distraction from the border crisis and the Gaza massacre. They keep stirring the pot so the focus of public attention is never in one place long enough to affect the outcome.

    • EE says:

      And the Malaysian airliner(s). And free trade agreements. And the California drought. And chemtrails/fracking. And the offshoring of jobs. And GMOs.

  3. GrinNBarrett says:

    I thought that back a ways before this and commented so, 18we are getting smarter.

  4. Tiredofit says:

    Now that we know what it is there are more important matters. I have one question though, how come no one is going to help the people in need in Ferguson? Obviously if looters and provocateurs are causing martial law to be declared the people there may need some help. Can anyone be honest about why they are not offering to help?

    • EE says:

      I wonder how long these riots, etc. would be continuing, if it weren’t for media coverage.

      Not saying there should be media silence, but media attention and public voyeurism does play an incendiary part in this.

    • Henry Shivley says:

      Looking at the footage coming out of Ferguson, I see a plenty of able bodied men. How about the men in Ferguson form into militia and fight for themselves?
      This site was contacted, as I’m sure all other patriot sites that talk to militia were, the day after the violence broke out. We checked the IP and the correspondence came from Ferguson. You see, the peaceful protesters told us they did not want the militia with their evil guns in Ferguson. They said it was their town and to stay out. They said people with guns were the problem.
      In other words, f#@k em, they have made their bed, now they can lie in it. Let them sing Kumbaya all the way to the graveyard.

      • EE says:

        Interesting. They contacted you ONE day after the violence broke out? So this is to be a martial law exercise between cops and “peaceful protestors” without any militia to muck it up. I wonder why. I guess as you said, they prefer to lie in this bed that they have made for themselves. What is it about the militia that they fear, more than they fear the police? Militia are not trigger happy. Strange. Or would it be then, that the racial divide psy-op would be exposed for what it is?

        • Jstp(Joe) says:

          Hears the other side of the psy-op, If I or the Police (Holder) is running a psy-op and the goal is “Declare Martial Law” then the game requires disinformation. Everyone knows the internet is the truth, no lies. So we do not need the militia to muck it up, if we send out a email from Ferguson telling the militia to stay out everyone will believe it!!

          Its, too easy man, imo a large number of people will need to die before the public can see who the real killer are, like 30-40 % of the public white or black. But they will not do that not right now anyway.

      • Big Dan says:

        The militias moved in to help Clive Bundy, whether he wanted it or not. Why aren’t the militias moving in to help the people of Ferguson? Whether they want it or not? They didn’t ask Clive Bundy, they just went there. They have the right and do not need anyone’s “permission”, including the people of Ferguson.

        • Henry Shivley says:

          The fact is Cliven Bundy did put out a call for help, though the militia was not mentioned specifically. And after having pumped the resources in and risked their lives, what did the militia get for their trouble? Ridicule and demonization, climaxing with the Bundys giving full credit for running the BLM off to the Las Vegas Metro Police. The Alex Jones peaceful protesters would have been stomped in the ground had the militia not been there.
          Like I said, those men in Ferguson are militia by birth. The problem with this country is no self-reliance. Every one is looking for somebody to take care of the problem for them, while completely rejecting the fact that they are somebody.
          Personally, I think we need to stand back and let some ranches burn and some Ghandi-ites be mowed down in the street. Maybe that would provide the incentive for the somebodys out there to get up off their worthless lazy asses and do a little fighting for themselves, instead of pissing and moaning because somebody else isn’t coming a thousand miles to do their dying for them.
          Everybody had better wake up and understand that the only security there is going to be in this country will be accomplished through self sufficiency. You have to be able, at minimum, to hold your ground in a fight until others can come to assist you.
          Again, there is plenty of man power there in Ferguson to take care of the problem, they just need to stand up for themselves like men and get out of the mentality of somebody else taking care of their problems for them. If they decide to stand they need to make it clear that they stand as American militia and are requesting the aid of other militia.

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