Warning Not to Use E15 Gas in Your Car: FOX Business

Published on Dec 6, 2012 by Lauren Fix

As tax revenue from gasoline sales go down due to more fuel-efficient cars on the road, lawmakers in Oregon and Virginia want to implement a per-mile tax on all cars to make up for lost gas tax revenue. Is this proposal fair?

Courtesy of FOX Business News
Aired: 1/25/2013

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Courtesy of FOX Business News
“MONEY With Melissa Francis”
Aired: 11/30/2012
Content used with permission

An important gas warning from the AAA affects anyone with a car older than 2012. E15, a higher blend of ethanol and gasoline, is EPA approved and is now being sold in a handful of states. Auto expert and car spokesperson Lauren Fix, The Car Coach, appears on FOX to explain why E15 can actually damage your car, cost thousands of dollars, and void your car’s warranty.

6 thoughts on “Warning Not to Use E15 Gas in Your Car: FOX Business

  1. Yea, these gas companies know exactly what they are going and they don`t care…. That ethanol actually is very expensive to get to the end product when ya look at all the time involved in buying the corn seed, tilling the soil to plant that seed, the fertilizer to grow that corn plant, all of the irrigation to water that corn plant , and then the harvesting, transporting that corn to the refineries to process that corn into the ethaol, and then transporting the ethanol…. Yea, it is one big scam.. OH YEA, they will also wear out the soil because around were I am from they haven`t been rotating their crops now for far too many years, and that will destroy the soil to be worth anything which is why they use so many chemical fertilizers – and ya know that those chemicals are ending up into the ground water, damn them. And it is all for that POS all mighty so called dollar. Yes, good article for sure.

  2. Ethanol gasoline has been a scam from the very beginning. It does a lot of damage to farm equipment, chainsaws, cars, etc. The mileage one gets from ethanol gasoline is far less than regular non-ethanol gasoline. It’s just like all the cheap junk we get from China, it seems cheaper at first, but in the long run you’re buying three times or more the amount of gasoline with engine damage to boot. The fact that the alcohol in the gasoline tends to evaporate leading to vapor lock in chainsaws and other equipment shows how lousy this garbage gasoline is. Within three months the stuff turns sour, people better wake up and start realizing what a scam this is!

  3. I can’t even listen to these TV bimbos. Someone should smack her across the skull with a golf club just to put an end to that annoying, lying, voice of stupidity.

    I put diesel into my truck — not corn syrup, and anyone stupid enough to use this crap just because it’s in a gas pump will soon be limited to bicycle transportation.

    1. Ethanol has been illegal in Europe for a long time, and it’s been destroying 2-stroke engines all over America. “E-15” sounds like a new name for a bad gas problem.

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