Wash A Car In Your Driveway? You Might Get A Ticket

AOL Autos – by Pete Bigelow

Two men are about to wash their car in their driveway. Quick, somebody call the police.

That’s what happened last month in Garden City, N.Y. A neighbor called the police because two men were about to wash a recently purchased Volkswagen Golf in their driveway.

On the video above, you’ll see the officer who arrives at the house tells the men it is against a village ordinance to wash cars and furniture in public places. The men tell the officer the obvious: they are at a private residence, not in a public place.

The officer responds, “It’s still in public view.”

Officials in Garden City Police Department and Village of Garden City did not return phone calls Tuesday morning, and it’s unclear whether the men in the video ultimately receive a violation.

At the beginning of the video, the responding officer perhaps gets to the crux of the problem with the two men. When they ask if there’s a problem when the officer arrives, he responds, “the problem being, your neighbor doesn’t like you.”


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