Watch Gun Control Nuts Shoot ‘Alice in Wonderland’ In The Face With New ‘PSA’

Red State – by Caleb Howe

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence has a new ad out and it’s appalling. It features Alice, from Alice in Wonderland, finding a gun and shooting herself in the face.

Yes that is literally what happens in the “PSA”.  

“Over one-third of all American households have a gun. Ask your neighbor: Is there a gun where they play? Asking saves kids.”

The Brady Campaign folks claim their ad is a response to a series of stories posted online by the NRA which are updated fairy tales that show what would have happened if the main characters were armed. From the group’s email to supporters:

“Now Brady is fighting back. Our student group, Generation Lockdown, has released a provocative public service announcement showing the danger of a gun in the wrong hands. I agree this video is edgy — shocking even. But, sadly, it’s much closer to the truth than the bizarre alternate reality depicted by #NRAFairyTales.”

Unlike the Brady Campaign video, the NRA stories, written by conservative author and pundit Amelia Hamilton, have happy endings, not children shot in the face.

Take, for example, “Little Red Riding Hood (Has A Gun)“. You should read the whole thing, and read it to your kids, but suffice it to say that Red and Grandma weren’t helpless before a ravenous killer beast. They were informed and armed and safe and happy. These are outcomes when people are able to defend themselves.

But because there is a gun involved, the left, the gun control freaks, root for the bad guy. They’d rather Grandma and Red get eaten up than exercise their right to bear arms. And the media, who absolutely lost their minds over the NRA stories, won’t blink at the new so-called PSA. Because they would rather you see a beloved fictional child shot in the face than read about one saving herself.

Normally, lefties love the word empowerment. Normally, the story of a girl defending herself against a monster would be uplifting. But gun control nutjobs are blinded by their irrational emotions and can’t cope with it with the method of defense involves a firearm. Such is the level of their brainwashing. Such is their commitment to disarm Americans.

The NRA Tales show what happens when free Americans are empowered to defend themselves, to protect their life and their property, as envisioned and guaranteed by our nation’s founding documents. The Brady Campaign’s response is grotesque fear-mongering and alarmism designed to terrify and titillate their ghoulish supporters.

Which one sounds more wholesome, and more American, to you?

4 thoughts on “Watch Gun Control Nuts Shoot ‘Alice in Wonderland’ In The Face With New ‘PSA’

  1. They should have gabby gifford as snow white.
    She then points the gun at her head and misses.
    Cause vegetables can’t aim don’t cha know.
    Then the seven dwarfs that look like jim brady and elmer fudd finish her off.
    Now that’s a PSA.

  2. Anyone who’s dumb enough to look down the barrel of a gun and pull the trigger wouldn’t live very long anyway. If there were no guns on the planet, he’s just as likely to walk into the path of a truck or a train.

    Even a little kid, who finds the thing and picks it up out of curiosity knows which end the bullets come out of.

    1. LMAO, you’re not kidding. If this girl hadn’t acquired the gun — and I’m surprised she was smart enough to realize that standing on a chair would allow her to reach that cabinet — her very next act probably would have been grabbing a fork and jamming it into the nearest electrical outlet.

  3. “Over one-third of all American households have a gun. Ask your neighbor: Is there a gun where they play? Asking saves kids.”

    No, properly educating them about firearms saves kids.

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