Water Crisis in Michigan

Just last week, Michigan went into a state of emergency after dozens of children were found to have elevated levels of lead in their blood.

The cause? Corroded water pipes were allowing lead and who knows what else into the drinking water since 2014!

This tragic story is still unfolding, but it’s just one example of many areas of the country that are struggling with the issue of poor water quality and dangerous contaminants. That’s why it’s essential to have a plan for reliable water filtration in case of an emergencies like these.

Today, we have a special offer to help you ensure safe, clean drinking water in your home:



The Alexapure Pro removes up to 99.9999% of contaminants including heavy metals like lead, fluoride, bacteria, cysts, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and more. The best part? It’s entirely gravity-fed and doesn’t require power, so it’s perfect for use in any emergency.

Don’t wait to find out that your drinking water has been contaminated. Take back the safety of your drinking water now!

In Liberty,

Matt Redhawk

Owner, My Patriot Supply

5 thoughts on “Water Crisis in Michigan

  1. they also need to get balls deep in the water deal being hidden from public in the South County Water system , and Toledo Ohio’s water source

    the algae blooms are poisoning those people , and the chemicals they are using to “make it right” are even worse for you

    we also shouldn’t need to spend any more dam money on purifying our water or extra filters from some dam carpet bagger!,, we are paying thru the nose for clean water.. that isn’t clean

    More dam lies from the government class

    there are a lot of government figures to be held responsible for this crap,, we need to supply the rope

  2. I would not pay those bills. There is no reason those people have to pay that water bill, they expect clean water and they’re drinking shit water. Do not pay the damn water bill.

  3. “Corroded water pipes were allowing lead and who knows what else into the drinking water since 2014!”

    Fluoride & pharmaceuticals to start with.

  4. Sure Arrest Snyder. And then following Snyder the following people should also be arrested:

    – The 7 members of Flint City Council who voted 7 – 1 to stop buying water from Detroit and join the KWA and got this mess started. They also supported the idea that the water source should be the Flint River.

    – Flint’s Mayor Dayne Walling who also supported the plan of stop buying water from Detroit and supported the idea that the water source should be the Flint River. Heck there’s even video of Dayne Walling out there saying there’s nothing wrong with the water and drinking a glass full. ( something the Mayor of Toledo did 2 years back REMEMBER?)

    – DPS Manager Darnell Earley who oversaw this whole project.

    – The of Detroit Dave Bing. When it was pretty obvious that Flint was in big trouble, that didn’t stop him from gouging Flint saying it would cost Flint $4 million + $900K per month to get the water back and running.

    So how about those people getting arrested along with Snyder. Or is it because Snyder a Republican and the other people are Democrats is the reason why they get pass? They are equally responsible and failed in their civic duty just like Snyder.

    I hold no political side..Im not a Dem, Im Not A repub..Im an American National sick and tired of all government and their manipulation and greed

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