5 thoughts on “We should call unvaxxed Americans “stupid” and “start shaming them”

  1. “Gay man thinks we should ostracize, shame, and shun people for decisions he feels are immoral.”

    There, I fixed the headline.

    1. I do, and I would love to run into the son of a bitch who thinks they can shame me.
      I would shame that fella on that other video by telling him his doctor wife practices beastiality. Whatever it takes to force him to make a move, then I would hit him so f-king hard his ancestors would feel it. I want someone to shame me in the store. It seems this guy goes after women, which would also cause me to do the aforementioned.
      I’m tired of this shit.
      Shaming? By communists? I’m past caring what happens. First one I see f-king with anybody is going down. Mark my words.
      By the way, I’m volunteering to be that help. I’ll hold the son of a bitch and you can beat him.

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