Wealthy Using Illegals to Stuff Their Pockets – In More ways Than One

If you’re making a killing by using aliens for cheap labor, you had better be thinking about how you’re going to take a percentage of those billions and help subsidize for American Nationals’ health care. You’re helping to facilitate American Nationals deaths.

Those aliens are bringing in viruses that American Nationals are dying from, something the traitors in Washington don’t seem to give a damn about. I think it even goes farther than that, I think hedge fund giants are collaborating with biotech Frankenstein laboratories releasing man made viruses and collaborating with big pharma who already have cures.  

This mega flu pandemic is only the tip of the iceberg, as more viruses is undoubtedly waiting to be released. Illegals are the perfect carrier, they come here by the millions, breezed through the gates like greased lightning, they’re prevalent in meat packing facilities, hog processing facilities, chicken processing facilities, turkey processing facilities and every other type of food processing facility known to man.

American National longevity rates have changed dramatically over the past ten years, we are dying younger, not living longer, dying up to ten years younger, some say more.

Thousands die from unknown type of flu virus, the Lysol Corporation makes billions, while the antibodies are being held back until Big Pharma wait for the maximum effect.

Keep in mind the Hedge Fund billionaires make money on speculation, they like it when they control the speculation. If you think they’re not talking with big Pharma executives, trying to rig the game, you’re an idiot. Pay some scum bag working in a bio lab to pass a container full of pandemic to another hedge fund operative, and you have something akin to a Rockefeller avalanche of billions.

Remember the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918? Something like 1 percent of the world population dead. 675,000 American Nationals dead. Close to 500 million worldwide dead.

They had biolabs in 1918..

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