6 thoughts on “Weiner

  1. The rest of ‘The Club’ members are every bit as despicable.

    Somebody had to take one for the team on this one. Getting too much ‘exposure’ (yes).

  2. Are you trying to tell me that the Oscar Weiner hotdog mobile won’t be cumming two town…?
    I’m really gonna miss a dik on four wheels.
    Ohhh…. what is this world cumming to when the weiner and buns can’t be trusted.
    I’m watching the Led Zepplin burn right now and thinking of a fire roasted Wiener.
    OHH….the humanity…..!

  3. Weiners wife, where is she hiding. or did Hitlery kill her ? Ow well probably rolled up in a carpet along a county road somewhere.

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