West Virginians file suit against the government corporation!

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In one of the most important legal (lawful) actions that has ever taken place in America, Thomas Deegan, Phil Hudok and Gene Stalnaker filed a complaint against the STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA for fraud. They did an excellent job of nailing down all of the facts as well as naming the guilty parties in their state. All 50 states have been set up with the same for-profit corporate structure.  

Thomas Deegan reads the complaint aloud is this video:

Published on Sep 7, 2015

On 9/4/15, the Rule of Law and Constitutional Government Case 15-0491 was amended at the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals. A number of new defendants were added to the case including among others, all five justices of the Supreme Court aka, WVA STATE OF SUPREME COURT, the WEST VIRGINIA STATE BAR LAWYER aka, WEST VIRGINIA STATE BAR, and Joseph Manchin III aka, JOSEPH MANCHIN III. These entities who purport to be of and in the case of public servants, government of, by and for the people are not. They are corporate fictions, in the Big Club that George Carlin so appropriately reviled and you and I are not members. What will the Big Club pull next to protect their racket? Keep appraised, step up and be a man, be a child of GOD! It is first and foremost, a spiritual battle! http://www.hudok.info

Thomas Deegan, Phil Hudok and Gene Stalnaker are very brave men acting on behalf of the American people . . . particularly our progeny. If We the People could find a way to bring an end to the Rothschild’s central banking war machine,a.k.a. known as USA INC, all of the living men, women and children of the planet would be most grateful.


4 thoughts on “West Virginians file suit against the government corporation!

  1. Manhattan Island (New Amsterdam aka New York) is a state living within a state just like DC and The City of London and these former citizens of the United States of the Netherlands are the club Carlin was really talking about. England lost the Anglo Saxon war. The King of England and “Great Britain” cut a deal with the Dutch Jews in which they took back their Island and set up a banking empire that pays no taxes and is above the laws of the host country. more info here –> Ucadia Blog: True history of America 1666 – 1840 http://blog.ucadia.com/2014/07/true-history-of-america-part-1-1666.html

  2. follow the “legal” definition of “State/state” ALL the way down the rabbit hole. Then, accept what you find and consider all of the implications. “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”. It’s all right there in “our” govt’s own rules, regulations and codes. Quite simple actually though hard to believe we have been so easily hoodwinked.

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