WH: ‘Screening Procedures In Place At Our Border’

ebolaThe Weekly Standard – by Daniel Harper

White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters today that, after the Ebola case in Dallas, the Obama administration reminded border law enforcment agencies of “protocol” to deal with people that appear to have symptoms of Ebola. Earnest also said that there “are screening procedures in place at our border.”

“[I]n light of this incident,” Earnest said at his daily briefing, “the administration has taken the step of recirculating our guidance to law enforcement agencies that are responsible for securing the border, to those agencies that represent individuals who staff the airline industry, and to medical professionals all across the country to make sure that people are aware that there is an important protocol that should be implemented if an individual presents with symptoms that are consistent with Ebola.”  

The statement came up in addressing the Dallas case, as the person infected there reportedly had been traveling in Africa.

“[I]t’s my understanding that the individual in Dallas who has been hospitalized with Ebola is somebody who did recently travel to the United States from West Africa,” Earnest said.

“Again, according to those medical professionals, this individual was not displaying any symptoms, was not experiencing any symptoms while he was traveling.  That means there is no risk to the individuals who were traveling with that person.

“So there are protocols in place where those individuals who are leaving West Africa and traveling to the West are screened.  While we’ve also provided guidance to pilots, flight attendants and others who make up the — who are sort of responsible for staffing our transportation infrastructure, we’ve given them guidance for monitoring the health and wellbeing of travelers to ensure that if they notice individuals who are exhibiting symptoms that seem to be consistent with Ebola, that the proper authorities are notified.

“There also are screening procedures in place at our border.  So as individuals enter the country, they are observed by Customs and Border Patrol and others to protect the broader American public.  So there’s nothing about this case that we know so far that would indicate any weakness or any flaws in that system right now.”



One thought on “WH: ‘Screening Procedures In Place At Our Border’

  1. You mean like those same screening measures used to bring in MS-13 and the illegal immigrants? What a joke. They really think we are completely brain-dead. They’re gonna be really surprised when they find their necks in a noose in the near future.

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