29 thoughts on “What a tater mess!

  1. That happened to the first bag of spuds I bought. It scared the crap out of me because I had never seen that before, and I thought snakes got into my potato bag.

    The supermarket wouldn’t give me my money back because they said it was normal.

    I argued that it’s reasonable for me to assume that any food I buy in a supermarket is going to be DEAD, and will not be springing back to life on me in the cupboard.

    That argument didn’t work. It’s what potatoes do.

    1. I didn’t buy them, planted and “tried” to store for the winter. Yuck, thanks for all learning me. Thanks to the trenchers…. making notes.

  2. I luv spudder chips…
    Sliced thick and deep fried.
    Dipping sauce of tarter sauce and ketchup.
    Mmmm..mmmm…now that’s the potato your tasting.
    I’ve seen how to build vertical potato box growers.
    It’s on my list of things to do.
    If people don’t learn how to grow their own food at home.
    They are gonna die when shtf.
    Fkng period.

    1. if I was stuck on an island and could have only one food it would be the potato but then I would die because woman does not live by potato alone

  3. I thought that was hay in the box. Jesus , it took me all night to figure what the hell was going on. I missed the bag completely. Shows you what kind of potato head I am. I couldn’t figure out what the hell everybody was talking about.

    Man, do I need a potato education.

    1. Didn’t any of you have a Mr. Potato head toy…
      Besides legos it was one of my favorites.
      I think I’m bias cause… Potatoes spelled. ..
      Starts with Pot.
      I start thinking about one of the best stoned meals I ever had at Fatburger.
      A fatburger… with chili cheese fries.
      Mmmmmm mmmn..
      Now that’s the stoned.. your tasting.

      1. If that’s a Mr potato head, would chopping off a sprout make it a Mrs potato head? Will I need a different pot to boil em in? Dang, I am more confused than the taters are….jeez…

        1. Aww crap, you just opened up my mind to a whole new paradigm. Damn Martist, should I boil em, bake em? I’m just confused…

          1. “What’s taters, Precious?”

            Boil ’em; Mash ’em; Stick ’em in a stew….

            “Keeps nasty taters, give us fishes… Wriggling, raw!”

            “Oh, you’re hopeless”

            Dialogue between Gollum and Samwise – citation out of context…(I have been sick).

            Better yet, just watch it here:

          2. Hahaha! Lol, Deb, I think Darzak hit the head on this one! Had something going on in my head from something and wasn’t sure what it was or was from! Thanks Darzak.

            But damn, I love potatoes. God’s gift to us:-)

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