4 thoughts on “What FDR did. Just reading this sends chills up my spine: When the Gov seized all the Americans gold:

  1. Wouldn’t you just love to know who didn’t cooperate? Who didn’t bring it in? Who found the best hiding places?


    1. There was a fella whose grandfather left him his safe some years back. He sent the gold coins contained inside to the treasury department for authentication. They were stamped from that time period and they told him they were keeping them in lieu of prosecuting him. It was in the millions of $. What a dummy.

  2. If only they could go back and do that day over again, they would certainly have done it right if they would have brought all their lead instead!

  3. They don’t have the Sheeples trust like they once did! Some never trusted .. they were smart!! This Gov.com will not be cooperated with by anyone with half a brain that owns Gold or Silver!! Remember once (WW1 & WW2) millions volunteered to go fight overseas for the communist rotten pile of sht govmint!!! They didnt know what we know… they thought they were making great sacrifices to serve the worlds only truly free country!! WE KNOW THAT WAS PURE BULSHT!!!

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