What Happened to God’s Country?

What has our country become?

People are battling to be the next ones on Jerry Springer or Dr. Phil type talk shows or are competing to be on “The Biggest Loser” (which has a double meaning). Our children are idolizing people like Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, the Kardashians, Tim Tebow or people who don’t even know themselves, let alone give a damn whether you are alive or not as long as you pay lip-service to them. Teenagers and young adults are humiliating themselves on reality shows like “Fear Factor”, “The Apprentice” or “Beauty and the Geek”.

All of these idiotic shows brought on by Hollywood and the MSM via the idiotbox, encourage Americans to come up and make fools out of themselves by demoralizing and degrading their self-worth, individuality and humanity in front of the whole country, if not the world.  

Why do we go along with this? Why do we enjoy torturing and destroying ourselves? Why do we revel when we watch others do it to themselves in public? Aren’t we better than this?

Why do we love insulting and hurting each other, rather than healing and embracing each other? Why do we feel the need to fit in with a group, rather than be who we are as individuals?

Finally, and most importantly, why do we worry or care about what others think or say about us?

We have become a nation of imbeciles, doing everything that can be imaginably wrong in the eyes of God, our families and our fellow man, without so much as an inkling of guilt or remorse. Even those of us who know it’s wrong, do the wrong thing anyways just because everyone else is doing it and is getting away with it. They submit to the false propaganda and go along with Communist rhetoric for fear of being labeled an outcast from the group, only to end up becoming an outcast.

Many of us have woken up to reality, but countless others are still asleep.

However, one thing is for certain and that is when the fear of God is lost and replaced with the fear of our own government and those around us, we are no longer a country of good, but a country of evil.

It is said that it is easy to hurt someone, but to heal takes great strength and courage.

Our nation is hurting, not only physically, but psychologically and morally. We must all find the strength and the courage to heal our nation, if we are to then ward off the foreign insurgents within our government.

Centuries ago, King Solomon was the wisest man in the world at one time because he had God on his side. He turned his back from God by worshiping false idols and false doctrines and so God turned his back on him.

We were once the wisest country in the world because we had God on our side, for we were once known as God’s country, but we have also turned our back on Him by worshiping false idols, false leaders and false doctrines. So God has turned His back on us.

We must find our way back to Him and face any dangers that we encounter along the way. We must come together to set right what went wrong and to be the morally upright nation that we once were.

For we are patriots fighting tyranny. We will not stop and we will not rest until peace, order and justice is restored.

God Bless us all and May God Bless America!


9 thoughts on “What Happened to God’s Country?

  1. Between chemtrailing, which poisons the air, land and water, and Fukushima, which poisons the air, land and water, I’d have to venture that ‘God’s Country’ is on life-support.

  2. I didn’t really know where I was going with this article. All I really know is that I truly believe that the reason why our country is so messed up is because a majority of Americans have turned their backs on God and have followed the ways of idolatry and immorality.

    I don’t know where this country is headed or where it will end, but if we don’t pray and ask God for help and the strength to face our enemies and heal this world during these insane times we live in, then our country is truly lost.

    A war is won by those who want it the most and have the stronger will to make it happen. I just pray that more people will wake up to reality and join with us to fight these tyrannical psychopaths. I know that those of us who are already awake will never give in to these demons.

    However, as far as Fukushima is concerned, we need more than just people, we need a miracle. One that I think only God himself can come down and perform, as so far there is nothing and no one in this world that can stop that radiation from spreading further and contaminating what’s left of the world.

    May God help us all.

    1. I absolutely agree with your assessment. when the ptb’s took God out of the family, the schools, and business, we took a giant leap off into the abyss of the demonic realm. there are those that will argue their is no god/no devil/no matter……. the ptb’s and the elite believe in satan and i believe they have manifested power from the devil in order to promulgate their agenda of doom. we are in a dark age now. there is a golden age coming into view, but it will take much blood-sweat-tears and prayers for us to make it there.

  3. Q: Why do we go along with this?

    1. POTUS appoints the FCC chair, the FCC ditched their ORIGINAL MISSION STATEMENT.
    2. The People don’t know what a “public file” is.
    3. The Six media sources are in LEAGUE with the bankster, corporate, and government corruption

    Over the past 6-8 years at least I have been saying over and over, the people need to protest at the tv stations! Flood their public file with complaints until their Frequency allocation is YANKED.

    The power of POTUS to pick the FCC chair must be stopped. Instead the PEOPLE should vote on it. (*but that can’t happen until the electronics is remove from the election process – see Blackboxvoting.org)

    At some point it should become clear that, the people no longer control government, instead Government (thru bad laws) is now controlling government. Bev Harris called it a MAGIC SHOW on coast to coast am last night.

    1. “Over the past 6-8 years at least I have been saying over and over, the people need to protest at the tv stations! Flood their public file with complaints until their Frequency allocation is YANKED.”

      Thank you! That’s what I’ve been saying! Take back our communications and airwaves from the MSM!!

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