What the gun-grabber Piers Morgan said about anti-vaxxers

7 thoughts on “What the gun-grabber Piers Morgan said about anti-vaxxers

  1. Wow. They are going to persecute the anti-vaxers like they did have done for centuries when private citizens don´t want to go along with what is popular or the majority rule. Dangerous world with such angry people.

  2. Probably the reason he’s scared of guns is because he’s a sick pedophile
    There’s plenty of pictures of him and Maxwell and Epstein

  3. I see the moron Piers doesn’t believe in vaccines. If he did, he would get vaccinated and not worry about anyone who wasn’t.

    I have this argument with the vaxxers all the time, they insist the State make it mandatory and make fun of people who don’t get vaccinated. I ask them if the vaccine is so good, so powerful, so wonderful, why are you worried about people who don’t get vaccinated? Blank looks and crickets.

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