What’s in a Name?

Good morning to one and all! First my name is Carroll:Mizell.  Not Carroll Mizel, or CARROLL MIZELL, or Mizell Carroll, or anything of the like.  Now pay attention and ask yourself, “How can one address any issue if one isn’t correctly addressed right?  Well let’s just add howdie-doodie rump ranger to that title, would that be ok?

The answer for me is no, but legally the old saying is, “If you don’t correct the wrong, the wrong becomes a right”, and anything not opposed or denied is approved.  So what’s the point? Well folks the point is ignorance and freedom for you cannot be free and ignorant (remember Jefferson).

So let’s start with the name, your name. Did you ever stop and ask why is it that anytime you get any legal mail you are addressed in all upper case spelling? Or anytime you get some mail from the IRS it also addresses you in all upper case spelling. Like 99.9% of us out there we just blow it off and the fraud goes undetected.  That’s right I said fraud. The meaning which the law
gives to the word and which attaches to it, in common usage, is the deliberately-planned purpose and intent to deceive and thereby to gain an unlawful advantage.

If I were to tell you to give me a dollar a day because I said so, me telling you that I have a degree in law from Harvard, you would buy into it without one ounce of research to verify that statement. Well that is what happens to millions of Americans when they pay the IRS a voluntary gift tax, not a direct or indirect tax but a voluntary gift tax.

Let’s do an experiment that we can all be a part of. The next time you get a 1040 tax form or bill in the mail from the IRS and your name is spelled in all upper case, circle the name and put “return to sender” with a note attached. “How can I correctly address this issue if I am not correctly addressed?”  Spell your name in upper and lower case, the way you would sign your name to any contract and see what reply you get from the IRS.

The greatest ignorance one can be a part of is arguing about something you know nothing about and failing to research. Food for thought until next time.

Sharpen your pencils boys and girls and do your homework. Class dismissed until tomorrow.

0 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

    1. Hi Angel,

      Yeah…let’s piss off the IRS….great idea! You can have all ducks in a perfect row and they can still wreck what’s left of your mind. Just what we all need.

      Stimulating input.

      1. Well, I have a friend who went against the IRS and the US Gov. in 2006. He represented himself and WON! He then became an Independent candidate for Pres. in 2008. He is not a lawyer, did not come from money, and is not “connected.” Personally, my husband and I thought that it would be a waisted vote (thanks to the international corperate mafia). He’s planning on 2012. I’m taking him more seriously now and want to discuss his plans more in depth before I introduce him to Henry and this site. 🙂

        1. Ok Angel. I’m listening. Let’s see where we can go with this.

          Mr. Mizell, what say you? You have our attention.

  1. The author is pointing out how our freedoms have been stolen from us. You see when your name is written in all uppercase letters this refers to you as a corporation, and not a free individual. This is why when you go into court you are representing yourself as a corporation and loose your rights as a free citizen. You wonder why our government is able to get away with walking all over our bill of rights? This is a big part of it.

    1. Willy.W,

      Thank you for that response. I was not aware of that.

      Still, I have a question here and that is: So, what does this actually mean? Where is the point of traction in this information?

      Thank you for your feedback.

      1. Brian, Upon birth we are killed. That is when the name on your birth certificate comes to be in all caps. Look at a gravestone. You are then brought back to life as a straw man corporation. Physically you are the signatore for the corporation. The corporation represents your life’s worth in potential earnings. Our birth certificates are traded in stock markets around the world. You see in the last instance we are the final collateral on that $14 trillion debt.
        And anybody that doesn’t believe it, is going to be in for a rude awakening when the Chinese start collecting. The fact is you are seeing it right now as your job and your share of our natural resources were a part of the straw man corporation you represent and have already been cashed out. This is also why you are now required to put your social security number on every document before you sign for your corporation. You see the person who owns you as a stock needs this information to track his investment.
        We 99ers as corporations have been gutted of our worth and now what is left is a liability that needs to be disposed of as cheaply as possible. It is just sound business practice.
        Hope this helps you to understand.

        1. Henry,

          Thank you for taking the time to submit this response. Several years ago I studied this as it applies to the issue of taxation in general. It brings to mind a cartoon I saw once. I think it was by Gary Larson who used to do a syndicated cartoon called “The Far Side” if my memory is clear.

          Two guys clothed in tattered rags are hanging in irons next to each other two feet off the floor on a dungeon wall. One say to the other: “Don’t worry…I’ve got a plan”.

          I’m beginning to wonder if “resistance is futile”. The more I delve into things the more I feel like a rat in a burning castle. How can the American people possibly regain what was taken from them decades ago? How can this level of power be challenged with any quantity of hope for success?

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