The Hypocrisy of the American News

I recently read an article in ABC News about the way a dictatorship breaks the spirit of those that it oppresses.  One paragraph read as such:

“Trust of government having been broken, the people give up any real faith in political institutions. They have to bribe to get what they need, so they start demanding bribes to perform their own jobs. They know state television is a lie, so truth as a value seems like a fool’s game”.

When ABC’s John Donvan wrote this statement he was referring to the situation in Libya, but anybody with the capability to form complex thought could see that this statement could easily be a reference to the situation in this country. This begs the question, why do our news organizations focus on the lack of freedoms in other countries when our own country (the supposed land of the free) also oppresses its people?

The answer to this question is becoming apparent to most people in this country, and that is that our main-stream media is under the control of the oppressor. As long as this continues, we will never be able to rely on them to inform us of the wrongs committed against us by that oppressor.

Instead they will keep on pointing out the horrible things going on in other countries in hope that the American people will continue to say, “Thank God we live in America where things like that could never happen”.

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    1. Hi Sam!
      Good to see you here. I think of you and your son often and pray that you’re alright.
      I think William is talking about why the 99ers have been ignored by the media.

  1. Thank you very much Angel. That’s very nice of you to ask. We’re staying with some friends temporarily. Still looking for work so we can get back on our feet, but no luck yet. God Bless you and yours.

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