What’s the deal with Russia and why it is IMPERATIVE that we reject the UN and any International Assistance

If you are like me, these past months, if not these past few years, you have been constantly asking yourself the question of “Why are we training Russian troops in the U.S. under the guise of the UN when we are supposed to be fighting against them in the Middle East”? It makes ZERO sense. And no one has been able to acknowledge it or answer it or maybe they are just too distracted with other immediate propaganda and scandals that are happening within our government and around the world.

I, for one, like to look at all sides and try to come up with a bigger picture much like the psychopaths in our government try to do. They want you to focus so much on one thing, that you fail to grasp how it applies to everything else overall.  

With anything that is happening, no matter how small, we must ALWAYS take a step back and try to figure out how it fits into the greater scheme of things. In order to do that, yes, we must all stop with the slothfulness and do our own research and try and come up with our own conclusions. It is by doing this that we set ourselves down different rabbit trails (as Henry Shivley likes to call them) which open up new doors and new ways of thinking that we never thought possible. It may lead us to more questions but that is the beauty of it all. We must question everything until those questions are answered logically, accurately and appropriately. However, sometimes it also means thinking like a psychopath in not just our government, but any government around the world, since we all know they are the ones pulling the strings.

We must also look at history and other doctrines in order to figure out where this all may be leading to, for as we all know that those who fail to understand history are doomed to repeat it. If we find that it leads us to death and destruction, we must do all that we can to expose the evil and put a stop to it before it happens. It is not because we are a teacher, a veteran, a parent or even an American, but because it is a MORAL IMPERATIVE and our duty as human beings!

Morals are lacking these days and need to be re-instated in order for our country and for our world to survive and stabilize. Without them, countless acts iniquities will befall on all of us like they are happening now in our very own country in Police State Amerika.

So let’s get back to the Russian dilemma and why I am writing this article. We see that in the Middle East and even in our own country, Russia led by Putin, is increasingly turning out to be the good guy in these wars that the U.S. is trying to initiate with Syria and eventually Iran. But nothing could be further from the truth. BOTH Putin and Obama are puppets in the same game led by their Communist/Zionist masters. Each has their own role in the game and whoever wins, WE THE PEOPLE LOSE! Both must be expelled from our country if it is to survive.

Drudge PollWe now have 91% of the people who oppose any Syrian intervention and the only ones who wish to go to war are the political members of our corrupt government who clearly don’t represent the people and only represent the Zionists. They are told by their insane Zionist masters to do their bidding in order to continue with their plans for a one world government.

That being said, the governments around the world are trying to get everyone to believe that Americans have no control over their government anymore. They also understand that the American people want no part of their government, so the UN and governments from the around the world feel that we somehow need help in abolishing our own government. As though we are too weak and afraid or as though our own corrupt government has put so much fear in us that we cannot possibly defend ourselves and that only outside International assistance can save us from these treasonous criminals seated in government positions.

So we have countless RT stories (Russian news) posted everywhere, even in the alternative media, showing us Americans how our government really is and this somehow makes us want to cling to Russia and see them as the good guys and saviors and that we should ally ourselves with them. I am telling you now that if you do that or even think that, you are DEAD WRONG!

Putin is NOT our friend. He does NOT want to help us and he only cares about working with Obama to implement the elite’s NWO/UN Global Government.

Right now, he basically leads the UN as controlled opposition and is seen as the pacifier rather than the aggressor, while Obama is seen as the opposite. But I must reiterate. If you even so much as allow Russia to be our allies, you are in for impending doom and playing right into the Globalists demands.

A couple of days ago there was a story posted called,

Russia Wants to Talk to US Congress About Syria

Why are we promoting Russia to handle our own affairs now? Did we even ask for their help? And why the hell would we allow a Communist to help us overthrow another Communist? Are we back to the lesser of two evils philosophy again?

So if Russia is not here to help us or represent us and Obama and our corrupt government are most definitely not here to help or represent us, then what is their game plan, you may ask?

Allow me to explain:

Obama and our psychopathic government want to overthrow Syria when the people clearly do not (91% clear). So since we know that Russia is trying to stop Obama, we have this overwhelming urge to support him as an ally and rally around him. This is especially true, since he is protecting our wonderful whistleblower Snowden and all other alternative media journalists and so on.

However, way before these incidents even occurred, we have seen Russian troops building up and training on our soil for the past few years, almost as though they were setting our country up for this very moment, and all under the support and authorization of Bush Jr. and Obama and their DHS cronies. Treasonous beyond belief!

So, if Obama attacks Syria, the Russians will attack and since they know that the people don’t support Obama, in comes Putin and Russia to the rescue and are already conveniently in our own country, ready to assist in expelling the traitors in our government as allies to our cause.

Oh! Now I get! I guess that’s what they were here all this time. Wait! What? So our treasonous government was playing both sides all along?

I see a Star Wars: Episode I, II and III going on here in the world and in the U.S. We have Obama playing the part of Count Dooku creating his storm droid army aka DHS/Al-Qaida and proxy separatist groups, while the UN becomes the Federation or the Grand Army of the Republic.

“Count Dooku: I have good news for you, my lord. War has begun.

Darth Sidious: Excellent. Everything is going as planned.”

(Star Wars Episode II: The Attack of the Clones)

Like any allies, if you think that after Russia is done helping us expel our government, Putin will give up his power and remove his troops from the U.S., you are gravely mistaken, yet again!

Did Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars relinquish his power after he became the Emperor of the Republic? HELL NO! So what makes you think Putin and his Russian troops will?

After the removal of our government, he will most likely try and force We the People to submit to a UN government for the greater good and thus fulfill the elite’s goal of implementing their NWO/One world global government.

It is IMPERATIVE that we do not seek any international help or any help from Russia for that matter. We MUST remove our treasonous government ourselves if we are to take back our country. No one else can do it for us. If Russia wants to send weapons and aid to us, then fine. But the minute they or the UN step foot on our soil or even show up on the streets, the gloves will be taken off and they will be targeted as our enemies. Blue helmets will look just as good on my shelves as Russian ones.

I mean think about it. We are 300 million people against maybe 10,000 traitors in our corrupt government, if that. What in the world makes us, or anyone for that matter, even begin to think that it we need to get someone else or some other country to do our fighting for us? That’s like saying a group of 100 highly trained marines can’t handle one simple office clerk. If that is true, then what in the hell is wrong with us?

Are we that damn lazy? Are we that weak? Are we a bunch of cowards? Are we so psychologically messed up that we are afraid to put ourselves on the line when it counts?

Is this the kind of attitude that we want to portray to the rest of the world? Is this what our Founding Fathers fought so hard for? So we can just let some other country kick out our government for us? I sure as hell won’t let that happen. NOT on my watch! I will NOT let our Founding Fathers die in vain!

It is this reason why I am calling on all members of alternative media outlets and journalists in the U.S. to urge everyone to reject Russian, UN or any International assistance.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is OUR country! This is OUR land!

If they even think of intervening in our affairs, they better get ready to feel the strength, wrath and power of American people once again!

The time for cowardice is over. The time for action is NOW!!

I urge all Americans to stand up, unite and fight! Rise up and take back your country and your freedom! Like our founding fathers before us, stand up and fight for your survival and for the survival of our future generations because, unfortunately, it’s at the point now where that is all we have left!

Death to the New World Order and may the UN crumble to pieces!



20 thoughts on “What’s the deal with Russia and why it is IMPERATIVE that we reject the UN and any International Assistance

  1. I have been pointing to the Russian troops on U.S. soil for sometime now myself. Including the agreement the two governments made concerning the use of those troops.Everyone wants to look over that.

    At the end of the day, all of these governments are working together. Global government is already here, however it is not absolute at this point. Syria and Iran are in the way of that. Putin and the U.S., just a side show.

    The end result will be calamity of war and an economic mess. The only answer will be a new global government and the people being desperate will gladly accept. After all the last free nation of the US has been spying on its people (NSA), watching Tea Party Members (IRS Scandal), and let us not forget Benghazi. All of this just happened to leak this year… It’s no accident my friends.

    All of this going down is biblical. The good book is like tomorrow’s newspaper.

  2. The U.N. is the governmental body of the New World Order, and as such, they’re the natural enemy of all freedom loving Americans, whether they realize it yet or not.

    If they don’t realize it, it’s the job of another American like yourself to inform them, because they’re not going to get the truth anywhere else.

    Uninformed Americans are our biggest threat, because they can be persuaded to work against freedom, and against their own best interests through the media deception that’s kept them in the dark for so long. Educating the sleepers is a top priority, because whenever you wake someone up, we gain an ally, and our enemy loses one.

    1. Exactly, JR. You hit the nail on the head there. People don’t know how important that is until their brothers and sisters stab them in the back one day for being deceived by TPTB and not knowing the truth. It’s sad that it is coming to that, but the more we inform people, the less likely it will happen.

      Keep spreading the word people. Keep trying to wake up as many people as you can.

  3. Great article NC! Thanks for pointing that out. I hadn’t thought of it the way you describe, but now I see.

    . . .

  4. I have been very confused about the Russian troops on American soil issue; since Russia seems to be the opponent. The whole BRICS coalition aspect to replace the dollar reinforces that notion. The Russians nationalized their central bank, taking it out of private hands and now have the best economy in Europe. This also goes against the bankster/globalist cabal. Iceland did the same and are now doing well, and Hungary just paid off the last of their debt to the IMF and now want no part of it.

    It would SEEM that Russia is therefore the “good guy” now. The only other possibility is that “all the worlds a stage” and Putin and Obama are simply knowingly or unknowingly working together. Not long ago Obama gave away those disputed Alaskan islands that had billions of barrels of oil to the Russians; not the best way to ensure lots of lower price oil for your country. Perhaps the puppet masters want a new currency backed by gold and they are behind the BRICS coalition, now that the U.S dollar is almost done. So many possibilities it is hard to say what’s true or not.

  5. We the people should consider everyone to be suspect and watch very closely even those in the patriot truth movement. Everyone will need to prove their loyalty. Even people known personally. It’s like Jolly Roger said…
    “Uninformed Americans are our biggest threat, because they can be persuaded to work against freedom, and against their own best interests through the media deception that’s kept them in the dark for so long”

    Great article and analysis, NC. I forwarded it to all of my contacts, along with Jolly Roger’s quote.

  6. One thing Henry mentioned on his show today that I agree with and never thought of was that Russian troops can easily survive the cold and with all of these shows on TV lately, especially “The Game of Thrones” saying, “Some of us might not survive the winter” or the coldness of war, it looks more like there’s gonna be an attack in the wintertime when people least expect it. Especially since we have the Fed Reserve contract ending, the power grid exercises in the entire North American Continent, and may be even comet ISON coming our way along with war with Syria. Yep, it’s turning out to be a perfect storm.

    The people of the U.S. are so dependent on things that they never thought about surviving in the cold and without power. They have become spoiled and un-adjusted to it, no thanks to their ipads, cell phones and who knows what else. Granted there are some states in the North such as Wisconsin, Minnesota, even Buffalo, NY, but not really in the South.

    This winter may turn out to be a massacre if the people don’t get with it. And don’t expect FEMA, “I’m always closed during disasters”, to help you out, as they most certainly will either put you in concentration camps or hand you over to the Ruskies for a bullet in the head.

    It’s time to learn how to survive and it’s time to prepare for the winter. A lot of us won’t make it, but as long as we have the American spirit in us, I believe we will do all it takes to survive and we will triumph because when people have nothing left to lose, that is when they are able to rise up in strength and do more than they ever thought possible.

  7. I just want to say that I tribute this analysis to an earlier article I read that was posted on here from Freedom Outpost – by John Risselada who’s hypothesis inspired me to write and expand upon it so that the information does get out. You can read it here:

    “It’s becoming clear to me that Obama’s job may very well be to discredit the U.S. on a world stage in order to usher in the final acceptance of a global government that will offer freedom from nations pursuing an imperialistic agenda.”

    Beware the Alinsky Method: Discrediting America for the Purpose of Installing Communist Change Read


    1. You know, I have heard numerous people say lately, that it seems like Russia is the country now that seems to have all of the morals to be admired. Where as they are against homosexual marriage, giving their kids for adoption to homo couples, etc. Their country is not in debt like ours, and they just go on, and on. Then they wonder if Putin is a Christian, etc. It’s great that they realize how bad America has become, but, Russia can’t be trusted as far as I am concerned.

      But, like NC said… If Russia or any other country want to help, We the people get this country back, they can do it from a distance. As in, stay the f**k out of our country, off of our soil. They can supply the Patriots with the tools needed, and catch bastards as they flee our country to avoid the hemp rope. They can prove their loyalty and good will to us that way. But, do not step on our soil, or they become the enemy to freedom.

      Can I get a witness!

      1. Remember Smilardog:

        Don’t trust Putin. He’s the kind of person who will stab you in the back when you least expect it. He’s a Communist and he’s definitely nobody’s friend, no matter how he looks or acts in the public eye.

        1. Hey NC, I just remember the sexually perverted look on Putin’s face when those topless protesters interrupted a news conference. He puckered up like his mommy weaned him off the teat too early.

          1. Well, at least the Russian president get turned on by girls, that more than we can say about ours… Miss Barry! hahaha

  8. Good report NC. I wouldn’t be surprised if they 15k Russian troops here just as another way of creating division. This is just hypothetical, but if the troops were promised by this administration to gain “American training” for civil unrest, they would just be pawns in the game of chess. When this revolution begins on the battlefield, the Russian troops would certainly be on the front lines and first to be wiped out with ease. Numbers like 15k would be enough fuel for Russia to consider invading and fighting for their fallen.
    I personally don’t trust any of them, but especially this administration. They are all about deception and division. Its been that since day one with Obama. The rich vs. poor, black vs. white, gay vs. straight, democrat vs. republican, Christian vs. Muslim. and these are only to name a few off the top of the list.

    My dad always taught me to put yourself in the other guys shoe and get his perspective……
    I know if we had 15k troops in Russia “training” and they had civil unrest and Russian civilians killed our guys, I would want to see a bomb dropped on their ass and make them beg for mercy. Masses of Americans would sign up to invade Russia in seeking revenge and justice.
    I just see it as another trick of deception and another trap to assist them with their f@cked up agenda.

    We’re dealing with evil on a scale that is unlike anything that any of us have ever stood against. The trickery this cult plays is a Pandora’s box of tools with one main goal …..to take out the true Patriots of this nation. The one thing I’m certain of is that we are the line in the sand that holds them back.

    My plans are to bury them in that sand.

  9. Best thing about this article? While the “good cop bad cop” analogy is excellent, the best part is when you say look at all sides and think like a psychopath does. Normal (non-psychopaths) might think this is impossible to do, but it’s not hard at all…when I try to find angles and agendas, I always say to myself, “if I was a psychopath, what would I do”? I imagine these secret controllers behind the curtain meet regularly and discuss different scenarios as if they had Plan A through Plan Z, you know, preparing for whatever random event happens. We do NOT need to be psychopaths…we just needs to understand how they think.

    And I agree. Do NOT trust Putin, who seems to be putting the “Art of War” playbook into play.

    1. I completely agree with ya, DL. I am in no way implying that we all need to be psychopaths. On the contrary, I don’t want anyone to be psychopaths. I’m just saying, if we are to beat these guys, sometimes we need to THINK like psychopaths, since almost all of these government criminals ARE psychopaths.

  10. Good job, NC.

    I, for one, have no illusions about any outside help once the SHTF, nor would I want any. This is OUR country, and we’ll deal with those traitorous scumsuckers ourselves, once the time comes. Russians, Chinese, blue hats, Mexican cartels, Crips, Bloods, and ESPECIALLY COPS, makes no difference to me (well, actually cops are at the top of my sh#t list). As far as I’m concerned they’re ALL primary targets, and will be terminated with EXTREME predjudice, once the revolution begins.

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