7 thoughts on “When is it enough?

  1. It’s over when we say it’s over

    Problem is
    The sheeple
    Instead of people attacking the anti vaxxers
    The sheeple should be feeling the heat

  2. Great message! I see more & more “normies” waking up to varying degrees around me everyday. The “varying degrees” part is important though as most of them are only just opening their eyes. It’s going to be hard for most of them to see what’s going down in the next year or so but I think at least a good number of them are going forward seeing the world in a very different light now. Just my day-to-day observation as I work out there among the living dead! 😉

  3. Information is key.
    When you get someone to look up when this happened before and people see it they can’t go back.

    Gerald Ford tried to mandate swine flu vaccine. It didn’t work and killed people. Pushback and his administration and the media stopped talking about it and swine flu went away.

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