7 thoughts on “When you absolutely, positively need to photo-shoppe in people to make it look like a crowd attended Hillary’s rally in Ohio.

    1. I think the idea is to circle one person to highlight each grouping of people. If you circled everyone it may confuse the eye.

  1. What is the origin/original post site of this photograph? Just want to verify “authenticity” so as not to feed into anything damaging truth. Thank you.

  2. Cool! It’s like Finding Waldo for grownups. For those with sharp ears: have you noticed the different crowd sounds from Trump rallies and Clinton rallies? At the Trump events you can hear the distinctive “roar” of a large crowd. At the Clinton events all you hear is the distinct, echo-y sound of a few dozen people clapping and cheering. No wonder Fox Noise kept their camera in tight on both Trump and Clinto yesterday.

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