White House meets with Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement to Discuss Homegrown Terror

We have often indicated that the treasonous insurgents within our government might very well employ desperate measures when it became obvious to them that the Ron Paul Revolution cannot be stopped.  In the first month of 2012 we are seeing a diabolical police state being put into action.

I watched this piece on FOX News this morning.

Analysts from the FBI, Homeland Security, and the National Counterterrorism Center, which is the nation’s center for threat assessment, reviewed 62 cases and here is what they found.

Warning Signs for Police

  • People likely to commit violence speak against government
  • They blame the government for their perceived problems
  • Unusual/extreme actions caught the attention of others
  • Active online to show extreme views/connect with others

Those who would be considered for blaming the government for their perceived problems would have to include the long term unemployed, Occupy Wall Street protesters, and the grass roots Tea Party.

And of course Ron Paul himself, as he is making it perfectly clear that it is our so called government acting outside the confines of the Constitution, which is causing the destruction of our country and hence our misery.

There are others, like ex Federal Judge Andrew Napolitano who have spoken up front and center and have identified government as acting against the Constitution and we the people.

Is it time for people to start disappearing?  This is not law.  It is policy.  It is totalitarianism.  It is Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, and present day China.  This is labeling political dissent as a crime against the State.  We are in big trouble.

Janet Napolitano speaking on FOX News said,

We are not immune to homegrown threats.  We know that we have a lot to learn from our international partners on the issue of countering violent extremism.  So we have been engaged international with a number of countries, exchanging best practices, really trying to explore what is meant by violent extremism in terms of what kind of indicators, tactics, and techniques we really need to be watchful for.

The Fox News talking head then said,

What analysts found was a person’s ethnic background, their economic status are not really good indicators of whether they will engage in terrorism.  In many cases, and we have seen this especially in the last couple of years targeting the military, these individuals are college educated and they are not from poor families.

Our enemies have stopped thinking and are now reacting out of panic.  This is when it gets dangerous.  This is when we must stand together in absolute defiance, even if that means a full blown shooting war.  We must attack this outrage aggressively.  We must show our enemies we do not fear them.  We must answer the first outrage with their total annihilation for the Republic, for the Constitution, for freedom and liberty.  We must not waver.

0 thoughts on “White House meets with Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement to Discuss Homegrown Terror

    1. Good luck with that. Has it occurred to you that you could be as nuts as “they” are? Just exactly what are you talking about? I haven’t seen one articulate or remotely sensible thought out of you yet. “Sky Soldier” indeed…so what is it?…You’ve got some sort of image of yourself out of an old Kurt Russell movie? Got anything intelligent to say? Is there anything of substance going on in your brain? If so let’s hear it Mr. bad-ass!

  1. I agree with you Brian. This is very serious sh*t!! I’m not looking for violence as a solution. I hope to my God it does not come to that. Because many will die.

    1. Thanks, Ken I appreciate your parallel position to mine being voiced. I have no use for sabre rattling fanatics who display no articulate thought process. So go play football or go to a bar and start a brawl. Whatever…these people not only nauseate me…they repel me like a reverse magnetic pole. This guy is a moron in my opinion until he speaks with a brain driven voice. ‘Nuff said.

      “Lock and load”? Moron!

  2. Do you really think we are going to get out of this without a fight?
    The measures that have just been implemented by these fucking communists have never, never, never, repeat never, been put in place in any country where they were not followed with a secret police gulag system and the murder of political dissidents by the million. These people have just plugged in mass murder just like in Germany, the Soviet Union, and Mao’s China.
    Did you watch the video, “Recipe for Revolution (A Sobering Warning)”? It is on the front page on this site. Negotiation does not exist. They have nullified our Bill of Rights. They have instituted military arrests and indefinite detention. They are vigilantly working at taking over the internet so that we can’t report the atrocities to one another. They are not fucking around. They aim to kill us.
    So lock & load.

    1. Everyone does realize that merely voting for Ron Paul under these new guidelines, by definition, labels you as a home grown terrorist.
      Talk about speaking out against the government, Ron Paul is saying that he wants to get rid of most of the federal government because it is unconstitutional and treasonous.
      So do you think they might be trying to intimidate the vote? Do you think that these above intelligent people out there might be thinking that as sure their votes won’t be accurately counted, they very well could be identified as terrorists when they push the button for Paul? By definition, Ron Paul’s website is extremist under these guidelines. So if a voter out there goes to Paul’s site, isn’t he or she going to be labeled an extremist in the natural course of things?
      Could this be why they are doing it? And hey, if they fail to scare the people, everything is plugged in to take the situation to the next level and start the arrests and murders.
      So what is it going to be? Will you vote for Ron Paul and risk being labeled a home grown terrorist?
      We make our stand and we make it now or we are finished.

      1. As you describe the scenario it appears hopeless. At least it appears so to me. Sorry…all out civil war may be coming…I, for one, am not equipped for it on any level. I’ll just do the best I can with what I’ve got…and all I’ve got is the courage and faith to face death like a man.

        I admire your fighting spirit. ‘Nuff said. Frankly…I am tired of this stinking crap.

    2. No kidding, Henry. Really? Do you think that is not obvious to me?

      Allow me to make an improvised short story analogy to explain myself:

      Two guys in a bar.

      Guy 1: “So what do you do”?
      Guy 2: “I play guitar and write songs”
      Guy 1: “So how’s that workin’ out for ya?’
      Guy 2: “Oh just great…my wife left me…my kids hate my guts”.
      ‘cuz I’m always broke and I feel like a sack of shit”.
      Guy1: “So what if you made a few hundred grand this year?”
      Guy2: “I’d be instantly redeemed and worshiped like a hero”.
      Guy 1: “So write a hit song and get it recorded by a major star stupid!”
      Guy 1: “Already have several in my collection. Uh…know anybody?”
      Guy 2: Hell no! I’m just a clerk at the seven-eleven!”
      Guy 1: “Bartender!”

      My point?
      “Words, words, words”

      Lock and load? Get real. Do you really believe such macho rhetoric really has any positive impact on this bloody mess? If it comes to that we will be looking at a very short and very futile bloodbath.


      Just my point of view.

      1. Okay, I’ll play.
        Two guys in a homeless camp.
        Guy 1: I have no job. I lost my house. I lost my pension. My children are cold and hungry. I have been stripped of my rights. And now I am being disenfranchise because a foreign corporation has been hired to nullify my vote and I don’t even have a gun to defend myself against the cop who wants to crack my head because I have nowhere to sleep.
        Guy 2: What would you do if you had a gun?
        Guy 1: Lock & load.
        At this point, simply disassociating oneself from the website that is labeled extreme is an exercise in futility. In short, you’ve already been labeled. The rules of the game just changed. The only question left is whether we will fight or just let them kill us.
        I respect your intellect and God knows if there was a peaceful way out of this, I would want nothing else. You know history too well to not know that, whether you like it or not, you and every one you love are smack dab in the middle of what you correctly said could very well turn into a blood bath, as is every other citizen in this country, even those presently enjoying a happy prosperous life.
        Me, I will fight for my grandchildren and at this point in the ball game nothing else matters to me. There is nowhere to hide from this. It is going to get very real, very soon. Mark my words on this day.

        1. So it’s The Alamo one more time?

          So it’s about whether we all die on our feet fighting a futile fight for the sake of martyrdom that will not be recorded or just die some other way because we personally have no alternative?

          What’s the difference other than the former being quicker and hopefully less painful?

          Are you saying that voting for Ron Paul is a death sentence when not doing so is the same?

          Wow! There’s a great choice!

          Sounds like a lose lose to me.

    3. I understand your thinking Henry, I will not shy away from a fight for what is right, but yes I am hoping for non violent solutions to the problems we are facing in our country. I can disagree with our government, without being labeled an extremist! We as United States citizens must try to find peaceful solutions to all the problems we are facing. I don’t believe in turning the other cheek, but lets just try to be a little smarter than the persons we think are working against our freedoms! Ron Paul is a great choice as a Leader, and like you I hope to see him become our next President.

  3. They are so paranoid it’s pathetic. When government imposes restriction to the point of anarchy, they themselves have become the threat to liberty and a free society. All the government needs to do is listen to the people and stand down. Let the restrictive nature of tyranny go, realize you were put in office for the purpose of serving the people, not yourselves or your ideals. It’s the people that steer governments. Your selfish acts are no longer going unnoticed. We are awake, we are strong, our votes count. No longer can you have your way, no longer will the people of the world be subject to slavery or tyranny. We are the new voice of the planet.

  4. Da, Janet: What was the constitution written for, to protect us from empty-headed people just like yourself saying people who believe in the constitution are homegrown threats. Have you really thought about what you said? That very statement is treason. It won’t be long and your free ride on the fine people of this nation will vote you out, the dept of homeland security will be voted out. You need to get your priorities straight. Stop being an instigator for Tyranny. No person is going to harm you, your thoughts, ideas and speech will remove you from the perils of the office. There will be a positive change in Washington. If I offend you it’s my right. I’m not going to live in fear of a government, just like I don’t want you to live in fear of Americans.

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